just like the snow

when it snows, it doesn't just turn the ground white.
it turns the sky to grey like ash from a volcano,
or the foamy waves in the wake of a boat. 
it covers the trees in an airy marshmallow cream
and the goat looks like a walking snowman.
snowflakes melt in my hair leaving behind
miniature orbs that gleam like glass.
it invokes memories of past snows, of
evergreen trees and tromping through the woods.

fresh snow reminds me of memories.
when memories are first created, they are clean, vivid, fresh.
over time, they become trampled, and smudged
as other memories come into our minds,
and eventually they disappear, leaving only
a small, distant trace of what was.
other occurrences will remind us of those times,
just like a fresh snow-fall reminds us of one past.

the snow will melt, but the flowers of spring bloom
in thanks to it, reminding us of the snow.
memories may become faint, but new memories will
be made that remind us of the ones past.
just like the snow reminds me of last year,
and the year before when the snow fell.


  1. Your words are so vivid and poignant and beautiful. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. And your pictures?? My goodness, they're so beautiful! I love all of them it's hard to pick a favorite. :)

    Blessings, friend!


  2. You're a perfect poet/writer!!!! Your pictures are simply amazing.
    Love you girl!

  3. *Falls into a swoon...* Snow, snow, snow!!!! I *love* these photos... are your words are perfect companions!

  4. Way to use that 35mm! All of these are so wonderful!

  5. this is so incredibly beautiful, Mikailah. your words are so raw, and... just wow. :)


  6. Stellar writing, I read this and was just like...wow... it is so deep and just... wow.

  7. Love the pics. Love your writing. Love you. :)


  8. you are so eloquent with your words and your pictures are so beautiful!!

  9. you are so eloquent with your words and the pictures are beautiful :)

  10. dear, this is lovely!!! the phtoographs and words and everything!
    my goodness, what a different world you are experiencing than here...where the trees are waking up with blossoms in their hair and the world is being transformed into narnia. :) again, just lovely, m'dear. xoxo

  11. this is so beautifully written, girly!
    xoxo || meena

  12. AHHH. You make me wish I was up north right now. I love your writing, i love your pictures, and lastly, THAT GOAT. I LOVE THAT GOAT. In my mind his name is Alfred and we are best friends.

    1. thanks, girl! :) hahaha, you are funny. ;) i'm sure you would be best friends (as long as you bring food. :D)

  13. These photos are beautiful! I'm currently snowed in and it's pretty, but not that pretty, since I'm stuck in a downtown city area and not in nature.
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  14. Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me. I just had to stop by and meet a new reader. What a very talented photographer you are, and how I so wish I had started as young as you! But, there was no such thing as digital (or even the Internet) when I was 16, so I guess we just do with what we have and know at the time. You have a very good eye for images and voice for words...I encourage you to explore these talents and please know that the time you are taking to shoot and write show a maturity beyond most your age. You are a beautiful and talented young girl, and if I had a daughter, I would be so happy, if she were anything close to being like you.

    Big hugs,

  15. Oh, lovly again Mikailah. <3
    Seed pods, and trees and golden field fading in the snowy wind, snowy branches, snowflakes in hair, the broom (dunno why, but that happens to be one of my favorites!) the wispy (grass? Hay?) and that adorable rabbit! <3
    I love seeing your little part of the world. =)

    xx ~Jenny

  16. I have been reading the comments and I agree with them all!! You have so many great talents and God has a special purpose for your life. You are touching, encouraging and inspiring so many with your pictures and words already. I am so proud to be your Dad!! Love you honey!!!

  17. That's beautiful :) I can't believe y'all still have snow! I'm from South Texas, so we never get any snow, so your winter wonderland looks so magical to me :) Although I'd never be able to stand the cold ;)

  18. thank you all, friends! <3 your kind words bring such a joy to me. :) ::hugs::


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