Karri & Kelli // portraits

Kelli and Karri are twins. You wouldn't know it by looking at them--they couldn't be more different in appearance and personality. Kelli is bubbly and out-going as well as quiet and thoughtful at times, loves kiddos and wants to start an orphanage some day. Karri is quieter--but loves to laugh--and doesn't talk a whole bunch; she is currently planning on being a helicopter pilot. It was freezing outside--a frigid 19 degrees, and even though the sun was shining, the wind burned ones eyes, and froze the fingers faster than was thought possible. We ventured out around golden hour, and they posed in front of the camera until I couldn't feel my fingers pressing the shutter (disastrous for taking pictures) and we were all shivering. When we finally went inside and looked over the pictures, we were thoroughly chilled, but we had so much fun. Thanks, girlies, for letting me "shoot" you. ;) I had so much fun! 


  1. Very cute, sisters are a blast! You did a wonderful job! Don't freeze please!

  2. WOW! i couldn't tell they were twins!

    amazing photos, Mikailah!

  3. I wouldn't have known they were twins :) really nice pictures! do you know where Karri got her camo shirt? i love it!

  4. Oh, goodness! Brrr! I've done the same thing though, golden hour and it's 18 out..."just ONE more picture!" But my fingers say "NO!" =P
    7 and 8 of Kelli are really good, and 12 and 13 of Karri, Karri has SUCH blue eyes! o.o
    Fun! That's so cool, that you got to do that! =D


  5. Oh, these are so much fun! Great pictures, Mikailah. Your friends are beautiful. :)


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