simple days

Simple days. Quiet days. Day full of writing songs, learning Spanish, visiting with friends, making crafts, snapping pictures, baking and enjoying. Days full of whispered secrets, snow flurries piling up and melting, twanging guitar strings, wind-blown hair, laughter, cups of tea, bible reading, story writing, fire-crackling and times of peaceful silence.

The weather has been exasperating. To say the least. 2-5 inches of snow was predicted for yesterday and we got many wind-gusts and freezing air, but only a slight dusting of snow. Nothing extraordinary is happening--nothing out of the usual, or special; just living life, enjoying it, and trying to make the most of my precious time. Because I've come to realize that is time is so so precious. And the older I get, the faster time seems to fly--almost as if I'm outside my body looking down and watching my life play through in fast-forward. It's rather frightening, exhilarating, and it inspires me to make the most of my time. Do things; get outside, make a craft, write a book, rather than waste time on things that don't really matter. (Read, Pinterest.). My life lately has been simple. And simple is good.

What has your life been like lately, friends? 


  1. This is beautiful. <3
    My days have been slow and quiet, yet when I look back they seem to be flying by. Time is crazy. ;)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. oooh, I love this alot! I have always loved simplicity, and quiet winter days. :) Beautiful pictures and words, Mikailah! You are such an inspiration to many people.


  3. mmm, love these little snippets of your life, girl. x

  4. Nice post! :) Lately my life has been pretty busy practicing music and doing school, but things are going well! And you're right--simple is good and also enjoyable.

    God bless. ^_^

  5. Mikailah... these are my thoughts exactly. I just need to slow down, and live life in the moment. :) Thanks so much girl! Love ya!

  6. Wow.... this is an amazing post! I feel the same way.... we were talking about this on Skype the other day weren't we? It's crazy how time flies.

    I can't believe that in just 2 short weeks I'll be 16 and in 2 short years i'll graduate from high school! By then I hope God will have made His plan even clearer to me!

    Love all the pictures on here. Especially the one of you :) so beautiful!
    Inspiring post....you have a gift for writing and photography as well as many other things!

    Love you!
    Emily ♥

  7. This is a beautiful post, Mikailah. Just what I needed to read this evening after a rather difficult day on the farm. It might not be all easy, but the simple life IS the best!
    The Lord Jesus bless you!
    Love in Him;

  8. This is beautiful! Love, love, love it. =)

  9. oh I love this. I've been noticing how precious my time is too. God's been teaching me about having an eternal perspective and I'm learning how to live my life for Christ. Mostly I want to live my life loving other people in Christ's name.

    I LOVE all those things you posted on your tumblr. so beautiful and inspiring and lovely. :))

    Blessings friend!


  10. Thank you for this nice pics. I enjoy them all. Its col over there I think. My life isn't simple. There are hard things/moments. But I cherish the beautiful moments.

  11. I love your posts- they're so beautiful and peaceful. haha. I love em.

  12. Ah!!!1 Look at all that snow! I would be in wonderland, and no one would be able to bring me back! hehe... ;) Yes, its' the simple days which are the most precious, the ones that hold our fondest memories. How quickly does time fly! I too am utterly amazed... bewildered... hushed. Thank you for the timely encouragement to seize the time we've been given. How beautiful it is!


  13. This is SO beautiful Mikailah!
    I love the soft, muted tones of all the pictures, nothing bright and energetic, but gentle and serene. Sort of inviting you to join them, and slow down and give all your worries to God. There's a time to be bouncy and a time to sit and watch the snow fall. (We just got 10 inches!!!! Yipee!)
    I've sort of been up and down this last week and I really appreicate this post. <3
    Time flies so fast; I quite agree, I need to get outside more and make stuff!
    Good post.

    xx ~Jenny

  14. Ah yes, simple... sometimes simple is hard, but other times it is necessary.
    Love the new profile pic btw!

  15. Beautiful photos. I love these so much.

  16. I agree with everybody--I just LOVE these random shots of your day. :) SO fun to see!

  17. I like the feet shot...you are a girl after my own heart!
    Your hair is just amazing as well.

    1. Haha, I love taking pictures of feet. ;) Thanks, girl! <3<3


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