what are your dreams?

I'm a dreamer. Always have been, and probably always will be. It's just something I've always been; daydreaming, imagining, wishing, hoping. I dream of the things most girls do, I suppose, but I sometimes wonder if their dreams are as valid and important and real to them as mine are to me.

I dream of owning a horse--something I've always wished for. I dream of living on a farm, with a huge sprawling white farmhouse and a barn with a loft. I dream of traveling--to England, and France, and New Zealand. I dream of moving back East--to Ohio or West Virginia. I dream of writing a best-selling (or well-loved) novel. I dream of preforming my music somewhere. I dream of stopping abortion. I dream of falling in love. I dream of getting married one day. I dream of having children.

These things may happen, and again, they may not.

These are dreams--but they are more than that. They are a reality, to me. They're not just a vision I see in my future, I can see it before my eyes--how it will look, what I will do, who I will meet. I have many dreams. Some I have had for years, and some are being established deeper and deeper into my heart as I get older. I can't know my future, but God does, and I'll have to be content to leave these dreams, wishes and hopes in His hands.

What are your dreams, friends?

(p.s. today is my beautiful Mum's birthday! head over here and give her some love. :))


  1. I like all your dreams.I dream about all sorts of things too. I want to travel all over Europe (I used to live there). I dream about having my own home (and decorating it just how I want to =D).
    Lovely pictures!

  2. "I dream of moving back east" You've lived back east? I didn't know that, dearie! Tennessee was as far east as I ever got :-)
    I pretty much want to everything you want to do too; having kids and going to Europe, to making a farm and writing a book- although I don't want it to be a best seller. I don't want it to be well known- just well loved :-)

    I love your blog and your lists and dreams and all you write.

  3. This is oh-so lovely Mikailah. I have many dreams too...<3

  4. I dream about living life to its fullest... whatever that may be, just living in the moment and enjoying life. Dream big my friend.

  5. oh, I am exactly the same, dreaming is just in my heart. I dream of traveling, becoming a photographer, falling in love and getting married, having my own little house of dreams, and I dream of creating something beautiful with my life.

  6. that last photo... gah. makes my heart hurt.

    God is teaching me more and more to hold on very loosely to my dreams, and to dream the right things-- not crossing more items off on a bucket list, but having a heart fully devoted to Him, hands eager to serve, a head that is grounded in the Word. I suppose you could say that He's teaching me to dream of the things He has promised, rather than my own heart's desire. isn't He awesome?

    1. He is indeed! SO good... such a loving heavenly Father--who truly cares about the desires of our hearts. :)

  7. I dream a lot too - about a lot of those same things actually! I really want to travel to England, France, New Zealand, and Scotland -and take pictures the entire time! I also dream of getting married and having kids :) Haha I also dream a lot about meeting my favorite actors and musicians :)

  8. I dream sooooo much too. About love, about writing a book, about horses... so much.

  9. Dreams... how lovely it is to contemplate all the desires of our imagination and heart, knowing that the Lord has a perfect plan for our future, and knows every longing in our souls... my dreams are hand in hand with yours... ;){And knowing me, that shouldn't surprise you! hehe} We can own large neighboring farm houses in the Virginia's, riding horses to each other's home to borrow some tea or share a story... and then plan our adventures together to lands far away.... *sigh* I'm dreaming with you.


  10. this. it made my heart ache. so lovely, Mikailah.

  11. I'm also quite a dreamer; sometimes I think I live in my dream-world too much though! One of the dreams I'm hoping to come true this year is me going to Europe.... Lovely post

  12. I dream of too many things and yet not enough things. I dream of love, of coffee shops, of horses on beaches, on stained pieces of paper with long written notes, of working at Disney, of magic, of it all.

  13. dreaming is a good, happy, lovely gift from God:) I love to dream.:)
    seriously. love this.
    beautiful photos<3 quick question :)
    how do you get your photos so close together?:) I keep trying to figure this out and I just can't get it!:P

  14. I loved reading your dreams, Mikailah. :) this was so interesting and really deep too.
    I have lots of dreams - my greatest dream is that I can truly lose myself in Jesus. Not just in words, but in my actions too. I dream of being able to write without the crutch of self-consciousness. Just pray and write and let it flow from my pen at His bidding without stopping and thinking, "is this good enough?" I dream of others reading and being blessed by my writings, and of supporting my family - even a little - through selling books. I dream of travelling; France, England, Germany, and Italy - but especially Australia. :) I dream of having a working farm of our little goaties. :) and I dream of maybe finding love and marrying (though, Like Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, the more I see of the world the more I am dissatisfied with it. :) there are lots of other dreams, but all smaller than these. :)
    Thanks for this post, Mikailah!
    Love in Him;

  15. Mmm, I dream of a big sprawling farmhouse too...since I'm a 'city girl' I imagine if I do get to live on a farm later it will be really weird, but I'm sure I'll like it.
    I also dream of having several cats that my family won't be allergic too, a beagle named Puzzle, writing down some of my songs and adding words to them, winters filled with snow, and what it'll be like to be with God in heaven; to see how everything in this life fits together and just be with our maker. =)

    xx ~Jenny

  16. thank you all, friends! all your sweet notes make my day a little brighter. :) ::hugs::


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