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I love adventuring, and sometimes that means finding adventure in places where you normally wouldn't find it. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder for it; in your small town, the woods or in an outing with friends. A few weeks ago we went to a little diner in a small mountain town about 25 minutes away and had lunch at the Rendezvous; a small restaurant that my parents recalled eating at years ago. The inside is rather dark, lit by windows that line the small building, while the window-sills hold all manner of novelties. Old pictures line the walls and the fading wallpaper seems to speak of years of devoted service.

 We all like food (ahem) and there was much laughter and conversation, as well as a tour of the little place. Once we were done eating the ridiculously huge and delicious Chili Chicken sandwiches  we took a walk up the road--walking in a line across the middle, dodging cars, jumping mud-puddles, and trying not to provoke overly protective "watch dogs". We even stopped in at a little store and bought some candles. (The cinnamon are my favorite. ;))

The scent of pine-trees has got to be one of the best smells in the world, and combined with the spicy smell of cinnamon coming from the brown bag that held the candles it created a scent that my mind won't forget. Sun reflecting off the pavement, we walked. Sometimes in the warm March sun, sometimes in the strangely patterned shade created by pine-trees. Adventure. We even saw a few deer on the drive back. A rare sight that finished off our little adventure admirably.

Have any of you gone adventuring lately? xx. 

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  1. oh how fun! I love to adventure (my latest post is on the latest one we did!). I love adventuring with my family:)
    lovely pictures:)

  2. I love adventuring in the form of daytrips! If I had the time I would drive somewhere new everyday. I agree that adventures are much more fun when food is involved! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK


  3. Oh I love going adventuring, though I don't do it often enough. :)) sounds like a wonderful adventure. Oh and the scent of pine-trees and cinnamon? Aaaahhh! I can imagine it must have been a wonderful scent. :D

    Blessings, friend!


  4. Ahhh, so fun! I love small, quaint cafes. ;)

  5. this is lovely. your words are so descriptive and beautiful, and these pictures are SO gorgeous. =) i love adventuring. =D


  6. How cute is the Rendezvous Diner! Id love to go there! Great photos!

  7. These pictures are so...real. I love it.
    Your adventure sounds amazing. Too bad I'm too lazy to have any adventures...plus there are restrictions, rules, blah blah blah.

    Love you,

  8. I love adventuring! In fact, today I went on a little adventure with a group of wonderful friends. it was exciting.
    You photos are lovely.
    As always.
    Looks like a lovely place, it does!

  9. Adventures... from simple outings to heroic quests... all of them to be embraced and cherished! I have many adventures like that...and find myself renewed and stronger after each one. The quaint town and restaurant sounds like something that I could spend all day in... old windows, empty soda bottles, creaking floors and glimpses of a past time. Ah! all simple things that I too love and cherish. The woods, the snow {*especially* that!} and the fresh air all reviving you and bringing to your heart a new adventure to embrace... simple bliss. ;) Lovely photos, dear!

    Thank you for this timely reminder to find a new adventure in everything.

  10. aw, this is darling!!! adventuring is the best, and I can't wait to be traveling the states in a few years with mia familia {California and Arizona are kind of neighbors...mind if we stop by for a spell? *wink*} lots of love | grace
    postscript :: darling, I really want to thank you for all the wonderful notes you leave in my garden walk. you're the best, and really I couldn't see myself blogging without ya. *hugs*

  11. that place is so cute! we love adventure too and found a little diner just like this one a few months ago...except not in the middle of nowhere, haha. we live between two towns, one a big city and one a town with lots and lots of woods, but the diner we found was on the edge of the city. don't you just love little diners? sometimes they just have the best food. :)

  12. i love this! Gorgeous pictures, and words. Sounds like a lot of fun :)

  13. What a lovely diner! Looks like an amazing adventure. ;-)

  14. Now I just want to go on a road trip! :)

  15. Oh, ecstasy! There's nothing better than an adventurous little excursion from time to time.

    xo, Jemimah


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