Summer in the sun

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. --Charles Dickens 
This quote pretty much says it all. That is exactly what these past March days have been like. Goose-bumps cover my arms when I'm in the shade outside, and in the sun I feel like it's the middle of July. The weather has been warm. The ski resort has to be closed by now, I'm sure, and it seems like the sun would have heated the river enough to go swimming in.

I'm not sure how I feel about Spring being 3 days away. Spring; it isn't my favorite season; living in Arizona, it is dry (always) and windy. Nothing grows unless we get a freak rain shower, or the sprinkler is positioned over it. No flowers pushing through the ground, no chilly cloudy days with expected rain in the forecast. The sky is brazen blue, smooth and undisturbed, like a piece of silk stretched from horizon to horizon. The ground is dry--brown, dead.

My favorite things in the spring would have to be the sky, and the trees. Buds still burst forth, eager to show their happy faces, and the sky is always changing. I could watch it forever. Dark blue like the ocean in the mornings, light blue at noon with a few wispy clouds floating across the skyline, chased by the dry wind that seems to come from all directions at once. In the evening... it's my favorite then. The colors goes from blue to gold, then the pastels are rubbed across the evening sky like an artist gently applying colors to a piece of art he has worked hard on. First they only change slightly, then the color bursts forth and creates a picture that cannot be forgotten. Finally the colors just seem to fade, until there are no colors left, and night comes. Stars shine and the moon replaces the sun. Spring may be here, but Summer, Fall  and Winter of last year are still in my heart, I think.

x, m


  1. It's pretty much opposite here in New England. It's still dead Winter here for now, but I'm super excited that Spring is just around the corner. For us it means flowers, heavy rain showers (the good kind, you know, when it's sunny and raining), and warm weather! Not to make you jealous or anything, haha. :) But I can relate, after living in the dry south for a year. I hope you get a better surprise this year. :)

  2. Spring is indeed soon approaching... I stepped outside today, into our hot and humid weather and thought "Oh boy, here we go!" We really only have a Winter and Summer. So, like you, Spring isn't exactly my favorite.;) Yet there's still an abundance of beauty to find... new life blooming, new warm breezes, the sweet sun shinning upon your back, and the days of watermelon and lemonade to follow. ;)


  3. Haha... I remember those hot, dry, more or less barren summer months in the rolling plains with only wind for relief. I feel like you completely described my summers living in Texas.

    Here, spring has come in the last couple days-- I mean literally. About five days ago the leaves were gray and dead, but now there are actual green shades on the trees, rippling on the top branches! And I am just jumping out of my skin going "ohmygosh..."

    This is lovely, lovely.

  4. Spring is kind of opposite here in Florida. Uh... spring is kind of like summer here. Only with school. If you like hot, humid, and icky climates-- come visit me sometime!

  5. That last picture....wow. I love it, so artsy!
    I am sorry you don't get a nice wet spring over there, I think my favorite thing about spring is the wetness and sunshine mixed together. You know?
    Have a wonderful monday dear!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful, Mikailah. I especially love the one of the violin and the two of the sky. Every time I read your posts I am just blown away by the way you write. You draw me in with your words that are so vivid and poignant. They make me just want to read on.

    I hope the weather is not so dry as it has been in past years this spring.

    Much love, friend!


  7. That quote is so accurate. We've been flying back and forth between spring and the last cold breaths of winter. One day it's warm and sunshiny, and the next day it's cold and super windy. and your photos are lovely! I love the last one!

  8. I love your photos and how they capture the everyday. They just make my heart happy. xoxo a

  9. gorgeous photos! I especially love 4 and 5.

  10. Love this!! Your pictures are so lovely!

  11. Mikailah, this is simply beautiful.

    xx emma

  12. love this<3 love charles dickens<3

  13. Lovely piece of writing, Mikailah! :) and loved all the pictures too. I would have to say Spring is one of my favorite seasons, as is summer though it is so humid and hot here then.
    Your description of Arizona weather almost made me feel like I was there! :)
    In Him;

  14. Gorgeous photos! xo You have such a lovely talent.

  15. i LOVE the pictures!! ahhh, just finished spring break....enjoy it while it lasts!!
    your warm weather is missed up here in Minnesota!!

  16. Your writing is a wonder. And your photos real. Amazing as always.

    <3 Mamsie

  17. Ohh, I can't wait for spring. Your writing is beautiful and so are the pictures. I really like the one of the violin.

  18. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Adore your site!
    xo TJ

  19. Yes! I agree with Annakate; it's so nice to see the simple, everday beauty. =)
    The goat picture cracked me up! So funny!
    An' that last picture is realy pretty, and the other one of your sister hugging a fluffy bunny... *sigh* and YOUR violin? Do you play that too?! =D


    1. thanks, girly! :) yes, i do play the violin. ;] it's a lot of fun.


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