expressions of spring

Spring is finally here, I think. I thought it was here a week ago, until we got a freak snowstorm that covered the ground and blew in grey clouds. Thankfully the buds on the trees didn't freeze, so the blossoms are still welcoming Spring with us. The dusty ground has imprints of bare feet (although my feet have been seeking for the bits of grass so stand in. ahh.) and the tables and dressers are decked with blossoming boughs of nameless flowers.

I just stand in front of this bush and bask in the presence of buzzing bees, perfumed flowers and greening branches. In the dry, dusty Spring that Arizona calls it's own, these trees are little pieces of real spring for an Eastern born girl.

Flowers are blooming.
Bees are buzzing.
Water is trickling.

I think it's finally Spring.

(also, listen.)


  1. Lovely post dear... the life of spring are indeed a welcome sight. ;)

  2. lovely stills, m'dear. now whenever I heard Phil Philip's song, I will instantly think of you. it really should be your theme song. *smile* love ya | grace

  3. these are beautiful. i love the mood, and the lighting is great!! Can i just say that your eyes are super gorgeous?!?!


  4. Beautiful photos! And I love that song. Happy Spring! :)

  5. I love the photos!! Your so amazing at photography!! You defiantly have a photographers eye!! :)

  6. Beautifl pics. I love brown eyes. Five of my six childs have bright blue eyes and one has: green.

    White blossom. Lovely!

  7. yourphotosaresobeautifullikeallthetime.
    also, I decided to comment with no spaces;)
    but like really, your pictures are gorgeous. love the third one:)

  8. Those clouds. Your mom (?) playing guitar. The blossoms. Your amazing brown eyes. It couldn't get any better. Sorry about that snow storm. I heard it was sweeping the west. =D
    Email-I will reply soon.

  9. Happy spring, then! I think we got spring here too-- finally.

    Love this!

  10. Once again, *sigh!* I wish we knew each other in real life. :)
    I just love your photography, and your comments on my blog. :D You're too sweet, and such a blessing! Love ya!

  11. that SKY. in the second shot. word, so gorgeous. and spring coming-to-life-ness seriously makes me happy beyond belief. :) pretty pretty!

  12. Stunning photos. Oh how I love photographing flowers :)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  13. Aren't new rose leaves just so cute?! They really just make me smile =)
    WOAH! Those clouds are awesome!! They almost look 3-D too...
    Aww, you're so purty! <3 I love the little white flowers, you did a good job showing the way they look from different angles an' such, like in the second to last one.

    This is a lovely post! =)



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