life goes on

that moment years ago
when it all seemed to fall apart.
when you thought everything was slipping
and there was nothing you could do.
it happened, like you knew it would,
and you lived through it.
you're different, you're changed,
you're wiser and more experienced.
life went on.

they walked away,
and all you could do was stare
at their retreating backs.
the pain is greater than the
weight of a thousand oceans, 
and it doesn't recede like the tide 
draws away from the sandy shore.
it's a pain that is lasting, deeper than
anything you've ever experienced.
life goes on. 

hearts will be broken,
people will change, lives will be lost,
walls will be built, offenses will not
be forgiven or forgotten, lives will change
swifter than we think possible with
more lasting effects than we ever 
even considered imagining.
friendships will be broken, memories
will be lost in a sea of information.
and like all other times,
life will go on.

a small piece of writing from a few days ago. happy Wednesday, friends! xx


  1. Your writing is beautiful :) You have a real talent for it.

    Some Snapshots Blog

  2. i about cried. this was beautiful. thank-you for writing this.

  3. this is beautiful. you are an amazing writer, and i love your thought process.
    i can tell from your writing that you really think about things. :)


  4. Your writing has been so deep and thoughtful lately. Great stuff!

  5. Wow, what amazingly true words that can only come from hard experiences. Just perfect dear.

  6. Beautiful. Simply beautiful, dear friend. Your words swiftly carry me away... echoing my heart and join in pouring out my burdens. I love your heart, dear friend, and the blessing you are in my life. ♥


  7. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful, dear friend. Your words echo my heart's thoughts and cries, burdens and feelings. How you capture it... so perfectly. I love your heart, and the blessing you are in my life.
    May Christ fill you with unending joy... ♥


  8. Awwww, Mikailah <3 I'm sure a lot of readers can sympathize with this.
    Let me know if you need to talk...I'm just an email away:)


    1. thank you, Raquel. :) <3<3 you are the sweetest. :) you might just be hearing from me someday! ;) ::hugs::

  9. oh gosh, i love this sooooo much! it's beautiful!!


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