things that say a lot // edition 2

"Things that say a lot about people, edition 2:
what articles are in their purse/bag
and what size it is.
the way they wear their hair (style and length)
what their handwriting looks like
how they respond to awkward situations
if they eat (lots) fruits and vegetables
if they enjoy British TV shows
the way they deal with small children
whether or not they smile at strangers
if they keep a grocery list (and use it)."

i. I've never been a person who carries around a huge purse or bag that could double as a backpack. It's just never been comfortable, or attractive to me. Mine is small, red, and one that fits comfortable over my shoulder or arm. The contents include: gum, a comb, lip-balm, a glasses cleaning cloth, some change, a pen and mini notepad, and a few bobby pins. The bare essentials for a girl. ;) I would never carry anything bigger than that. (Okay, and to clear this up: sometimes I carry a small purse and a biiiig bag {with my camera and books/writing materials}, but for shopping trips? Small purse. ;))

ii. My hair has always been long. For as long as I can remember, it was longer than shoulder length, and has never been cut shorter. My hair grows extremely fast, so I have to trim it quite often. I wear it down a good part of the time; and all other times, I usually have the front pulled back, or in a braid. 

iii. Handwriting really does tell a lot about a person. My handwriting is pretty neat; I never could capture the perfect style of cursive, so my normal style is printing. I curl my "t's" and sometimes my 'i's" are dashed, and sometimes they aren't. It just depends.

iv. I don't like awkward situations. (Who does? *ahem*) I usually just try to be sincere, and keep things light; laughing always helps, and I love laughing. Laughter always lightens things up, and usually dissolves awkward situations; and laughing at yourself always helps, too, so I've discovered. ;)

v. My family has always eaten bunches of fruits and vegetables. Even as kids, I think we were the only kids I'd ever met/heard of that actually loved veggies. We're not exceptional health nuts, but we do eat a lot of vegetables, and enjoy eating them.

vi. British TV shows are absolutely the best. Probably the best TV shows out there; all you other BBC fans say "Amen". They're encouraging, fun, useful and usually have good messages. I'm all for them.

vii. I love kiddos. I'm not one of those real outgoing people, though; not even to kids. I usually hang back, observe and smile a lot when I'm introduced to strangers, or friends' kids. I'm pretty tolerant of their antics and pranks (probably because I remember being a prankster not too long ago) and they always seem to gravitate towards me. 

viii. I smile at everybody. I probably get strange looks from people passing by: "Oh, hey look! Another person I don't know. *smile*" A smile speaks louder than words can, many times, and a smile can be understood in any language. Talking is a different story (only when talking to complete strangers) but you never know how much that random smile brightened someone's day. 

ix. Grocery lists are huge things in our house. We always keep a grocery list, so when we go to the store we don't forget anything. I could never understand people who walked around with no list and (usually) managed to get everything they came for. We never go shopping without one; they help us stay on track and also remind us not to buy things we don't need.


inspired by this person in a round about way. if you'd like to answer these questions, leave me a comment with a link to your blog post! i'd love to read them. :)

edition 1 can be viewed here


  1. This is cute, dearie. And you know what? I used to be a small purse enthusiast too... until I got a big purse for last Christmas and ohmygarsh. I just love big purses now ;) Especially to tote my camera in.
    Love you!

  2. Ah I love this!!! I am on my way to reply to your email this very moment. =D

  3. I am exactly opposite with my purses. I have a big leather bag which I have pretty much all the essentials to last me a week if I am stranded somewhere. haha, not really, but it's close. one time I found 19 pens, pencils, and markers in my bag. I'm paranoid of being stuck somewhere without a pen or pencil. and I always have some sort or reading material, and about 5 lip products, I am constantly applying lip balm because I hate when my lips are dry. and I have an army of bobby pins that I carry with me all the time. and when I have my own household, I am so going to make (and use :)) grocery lists. I gave up making grocery lists for my mom a long time ago, because she never uses them. :P and, british tv shows. ASDFGHJKL!!! especially period dramas. and have you ever heard of Larkrise to Candleford? all the episodes are on youtube and they are my very favorite. oh and North & South with Richard Armitage has me swooning every time. and I love fresh produce too! I will eat any fruit on the planet, I am a bit more particular when it comes to veggies, but I'm pretty sure I could live on fruit. and I just realized I rambled a lot. whoops. I loved this post. :)
    xx. marcia

  4. such a good idea -- i'm definitely going to try this sometime soon. thank you for sharing!

  5. i JUST found the blog to my most devoted follower.
    girl, i love ya. your so kind, encouraging and sweet.
    love your blog!!!
    following ;)
    xx, s

    1. aw, thank you, Sophie!
      so glad you found me! ;)
      and thanks for following, girl! <3


  6. K, so if you don't mind, I'm pretty much stealing this. ^_^

    1. haha, not at all. ;) i loved reading your answers!! :D

  7. I would love to have a small purse, but avid reader and photographer that I am, a big purse is a must. A true author and photo snapper just can't live without those two essentials, you know? =)


  8. Your giving me yet another wonderful glimpse into the beautiful heart of such a dear friend and sister in Christ... I too love to laugh... it takes away the awkwardness of some situations {And let's face it, I'm not perfect, so I just need to laugh at myself!} How much a simple smile, a joyful laugh, and and heartfelt hug can affect someone. ♥


  9. Oooh, I love this!! Can I steal - I mean borrow this?! I saw the "what says a lot about people" edition floating around, but never really cared for the questions. I think you just may have started a brand new set, m'dear. love it and love you to pieces. xx

  10. I like this. :) You really can learn a lot about a person from observing normal things if you know where to look and how to interpet.

  11. This was such a cute post! I am one of those people who carries around a monster-sized purse... hehe. ;-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  12. heehee Oh this was great! Loved it.

    I have a rather, er, large purse. It's purple!;) I carry only necessary items, but I like having a big purse cuz I can throw in any other last minute items that I need from home without taking along another bag. Know what I mean?
    My hair is long. No style. I'm thinking about styling it for the summer, though...we shall see.
    People say my handwriting matches my personality, so...haha I guess everyone has their own definition of my personality, though;)
    Ohhhh!! Awkward situations are so much fun!! .....I usually just make them even more awkward;) OR, if making it more awkward would be mean to someone, my family says that I'm good about making them un-awkward. haha
    I DO eat lots of fruits and veggies...BBC tv shows are amazing...I'm the second oldest of 7 kids so I have learned to be pretty good with them;)...I love smiling at strangers...and I definitely use a grocery list.
    okay, I'll end this long comment now:/


  13. Goodness I love these especially; what their handwriting looks like, and if they smile at strangers or not.

  14. i love reading this! you have such a way of connecting with your readers. =) this is amazing! i love reading your answers and your questions that you came up with are brilliant.


  15. I love vi and viii! Mind if I make a post on this as well? :)

    1. hey Hannah! not at all! :) leave me a link when you publish your post--i'd love to read it! <3


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