and she remembered.

it was only the slightest touch
the softest squeeze of her hand
and it was faint
like a finger of thought
that sweeps along the edge
of your consciousness when 
you're asleep.

it was only the slightest touch,
but it reminded her of present days 
that were swiftly elapsing into the past.
it spoke of days under leafy bowers
and nights under inky skies sprinkled with stars, 
of days spent fishing in the deep, dark pools;
of lazy afternoons clasped in his arms.

of thick novels with dry, crumbling pages

that were devoured as they laughed and cried,
of gentle strains of music pouring from the
curtained windows as they danced in the rain.
it spoke of memories, of topics discussed,
of days without him when she drowned in tears
and wished he was with her still.

it bespoke silence, and it's presence

reminded her of loneliness. 
it brought back memories of all the epochs 
spent talking, reminiscing, and dreaming.
the light touch reminded her of all the hours,
the days, the moments, the laughter, the tears.
and she remembered. 

//mikailah lefevre 2013//

(not truly written from my own experiences; just bits and pieces of my nostalgic (and very romantic) heart speaking. ;))

P.S. Still in Ohio, friends, and having a hard time adjusting to the word 'Summer'. How can the passing of time be lumped into the words 'seasons'? All blogging is being done at the library, so not many pictures are getting posted (which is a problem, since my shutter finger hasn't stopped clicking since we arrived); so, now you are all getting swamped with my writings that have not been posted... from a lack of the "right time" or reluctance to share these bits of my heart on the internet. Ah, well. Such is life. ;) Be looking for many, many pictures in the future days! Love y'all.



  1. oh, this is amazing. I can definitely agree with the nostalgic/romantic part. Most of my writing consists of that. :P and I can't wait to see all the photos. xx. marcia

  2. I have noticed the lack of posts from this little corner,but I too, am not adjusting well to "summer". ;)I've missed your pictures too and can't wait to see the ones from Ohio. =)

    Those words are beautiful, almost musical and they describe so well what it feels like to remember. <3


  3. You are absolutely incredible at writing poetry, hun. Don't stop!!! You're truly gifted.

    Loved this.

  4. I love it when you share your writings, you talented girl, you. :D

    This is especially beautiful in a longing, nostalgic sort of way.



  5. I can't wait to see these "ton of pictures," because really. You are adorable and I want to see your place in Ohio, yeah?

    And hey... totally remember the library days when we moved ;)
    Love you, dear!

  6. "it was only the slightest touch,
    but it reminded her of present days
    that were swiftly elapsing into the past.
    it spoke of days under leafy bowers
    and nights under inky skies sprinkled with stars, "

    Oh my flippin word, this may possibly be my favorite of your writings....holy cow. the images<3 the love<3

  7. you are a poet, m'dear. gosh you have such a delightfully beautiful way with words. love you lots. xx

  8. What Grace said.
    I am SO looking forward to many pictures!

  9. This is AMAZING. It's like, right up there with Tolkien. :D Not lying! SOO wonderful. You did great. ;)

  10. Beautiful poetry!.......and pictures! You have a gift with words. You ned to look into copywriting your work. Love you.

  11. I love your posts! Is there a way I can subscribe by email?

    1. hi there! thank you so much! i don't currently have the option to subscribe by email, but signing up for and subscribing by "bloglovin'" is basically the same thing... :)


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