two places at once.

my heart
longs for the
exciting unknown;
for miles of blacktop
and hours of the license plate game.
it dreams of moments in airplanes;
minutes of watching scenery pass before
my eyes in silence, and thoughts
inspired by the word 'travel'.
my mind longs to learn new things,
to discover history and see with my own
eyes the places where history was born.
and yet, at the same time,
my heart is content at home,
not wanting to leave, and at the same time
straining against the barrier or 'normal'
and everyday life.
it desires adventure (yes, sometimes even danger)
and still wishes it could be found within a 2 mile radius
of where the strings are attached so firmly.
my heart enjoys peace and quiet,
the beauty and comforts of a place
called home, and yet still desires to wander
to a place where no one knows my name,
and where every face is a new imprint on my mind.
how can a heart long for, desire and dream
of two places at once?

//mikailah lefevre//

p.s. this is a scheduled post, just so ya know. right now, i'm on the road, on the way to Ohio. :) aren't adventures something glorious? xx.


  1. hey, hey! where are you going to be in ohio?

  2. I love that poem! totally wraps up my own feelings too. :)

  3. I love your thoughts! Well written.

  4. ohmygoodnessgracious!!! this describes me so much right now. so accurate it's scary. love your words, m'dear and love you to pieces. xx

  5. I like to travel too!! I hope you have a great time in Ohio!

  6. Oh wow, you are one of my top favorite writers. Ah this is so so good.
    Have a blast in Ohio!! :)) luv ya, girl!!


  7. I LOVE your writing. I also love travelling. :D this is just perf. <3

  8. hey girly! just stopped by to tell you that i changed my bloggity blog address. been having some problems with it but i think i got it all figured out! love ya!


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