Untitled, and yet not.

My whole world has changed over the past few weeks; not dramatically, or exceptionally, (except in the scenery) just quietly, slowly, and yet all at once. Whew, y'all. A few months ago, my family bought a little cabin in Ohio. I was born in Ohio, and moved to Arizona when I was three, however, yearly visits have been annual occurrences. We decided it would be nice (and necessary) to have a little place near our family where we could stay.

That little place is beautiful. Not beautiful in the exceptional, dashing way; but quietly so. It was rather dirty (think: mouse droppings. mmhmm.), and not a little cluttered, but it has transformed in the past week, so now it is lovely. It isn't finished, or refined, but it's livable, and for the time being, it's our little "Ohio home". I love the sound of that.

That should explain my long absence from my blog (even though there were 2 scheduled posts.), and it's good to be posting again. I can't promise anything regular, however, since our little cabin has no internet access, or cell-phone service. It's refreshing, though, to take a step back, and not be turning the computer on first thing in the morning. It is rejuvenating to be surrounded by green; seeing the deer eating in our yard, and the mist rising over the grass in the morning. The sun sinking red behind the rolling hills at night, and the silence; ah, the silence. Seeing my new nephew (Isaac LeFevre--there is importance in that. At least, for LeFevres. ;)), trying new things, and travel. Travel is always an adventure. It's been good.

How are you, friends? How are you really doing?

Much love to you all,


  1. Aw, that is so neat! I have some family in Ohio (probably the only ones who actually from Louisiana besides my family and I *grins). It is SO beautiful up there in the fall! And the Amish communities are amazzzzzing! I know you're having a swell time. Your blog is so cheery and happy-- I love it.

  2. Can I just say that these pictures along with your words are perfection? Perfection in a mom perfect way if you get what I mean. You write about imperfection ( raw life ) and that makes this post beautiful, peaceful, real, and perfect.

    Can I also say that every time I read one of your posts I feel just a sense of calm and happiness? Your words just get to me is all. :)

    Can I also say that your little home in Ohio sounds absolutely lovely? I want to visit. :)

    Continue to enjoy your time there and love on that sweet baby boy.

    Blessings, friend!


    1. Ah! I meant to say perfection in a *non perfect way! Not mom perfect way!!

  3. this is beautiful. how fun. and what a blessing ya'll could get a little place of your own up there. xx

  4. THE SILENCE IS NOT GOOD, and you should know that by now, girly. :D Lovely stills, m'dear, and so happy to hear you now have a little "Ohio Home." ;) love you lots. xx

  5. ahh, this is so calm and peaceful. these are all lovely, but I love the first and last shots especially. :)
    xx. marcia

  6. The cabin sounds great! We just stayed in a cabin on a lake a few weeks ago with my aunt and uncle. :)

  7. These are so sweet! I bet you are having a blast!
    Your words are so wonderfully peaceful and soft. Can't wait to hear more how you trip is going!

  8. Love this post!! Hope you're having TONS of fun!!
    I love that you ask your readers that question..."how are you REALLY doing?"
    it made me think.

    thank you :)

  9. As always, beautiful pictures and thoughts....

  10. Wow! What dramatic clouds and they are SO blue!! Even through a car window, though, really, I think car-window pictures have a magic all their own. <3
    I loooooove the Pine tree one so, the way the needles sort of spread in a circle has always fascinated me!
    Mmmh, and the others tell a story. A sweet, peaceful and (might I add) tasty story. =D (Pancakes are *the best*

    Love it girl!



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