in the garden.

 Summer usually speaks of green grass, rising temperatures, humidity, swimming, sweet lemonade sipped on shady porches, tanned shoulders and freckled faces. It breathes of sticky nights, relaxing, lazy days, dirt between toes, and grass stained jeans. I always wish I could drag out the days of summer, and cherish each one; like a cherished letter, or slip of paper is put carefully away, to be taken out and looked at later. Summer is full of scents; the sharp, sweet smell peppermint growing in the herb garden, wet dirt, laundry soap from freshly washed sheets, homemade treats in the kitchen, and heat. (Yes, the smell of heat. It has a very unique scent.)

I can't remember ever having a garden the whole 13 years we've lived in Arizona. The heat, the dry weather and the business of life made it impossible, but this year we've planted 2 raised beds of squash (squash is the only thing that grows abundantly around here. free squash, anyone?), tomatoes, cucumber, jalapenos, and basil. Drip systems are a must around here, and they make the watering job so much easier. It isn't elaborate, large or bountiful (yet), but it is nice to have green food growing in the garden.

What's growing in your garden?

H a p p y  S u m m e r!


p.s. It's nice to be home after being away for 6 weeks. A whole gob bunch of pictures coming soon, y'all. ;)


  1. Gardening... such a pleasant joy and a wonderful way to enjoy the summer. Honestly, I've tried, and tried, and tried to start a garden... but with our soil {which is very sandy} it is hard, and can get expensive. But the idea & dream of one still lingers in my heart...
    So I'll tend my small mint plant and ponder of the garden that one day may bloom...

    Love & hugs

  2. Ohhhh, these are so- well, just beautiful, ya' know? =)
    You are just gettin' SO good at capturing the beauty you find, and tellin' a story with your pictures...just lookin' at them, I feel as if I was right there; seeing the shadows on the lattice (practical and pretty! What a good idea...!) watching youradorablecat, an' feelin' that goregous morning sunlight that just makes practically anything pretty.
    Oh I love it. =) Thanks for posting your lovely garden!

    We used to have tomatoes, cucumbers, waaaaaatermelon and peppers in our little vegetable garden, but the drought and some absentminded tending (and lack of cats meanderng about) sorta killed it off... =P

    xx ~Jenny

    P.s. I can't wait for the gobs of pictures! =D

  3. Your photos have such a comfortable, homey feeling to them. =) Our family has a garden - its pretty small but it's so nice to be able to grow food yourself. There's nothing quite like it, you know?

  4. LOVE!!! these stills are SO beautiful & of course your words speak truth to my summer loving, garden growing soul. ;) the garden was completely up to me this year, and although it has been hard prepping the soil n' such, everything is looking so green and fresh and beautiful - it's been so worth it thus far. we're going to have bushels of green beans, tomatoes, salad, eggplant, peas, carrots, and corn later this year; at least, I hope so. *smiles*

    missed you so much, dear friend, and am very glad to see you're back. xx
    -your fellow sherlockian

  5. ahh, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!
    so earthy and summery and organic-y.
    love this post!

  6. Yay, yay!! So excited for more pics :). I love your garden; it's beautiful, and by the way this might sound weird but you have extremely cute feet! =) I too adore barefooted-ness, kittens, & dirt.

    1. haha, thanks, Lily! ;) i'm always barefoot--it just kinda goes with having a garden, eh? ;)


  7. That's awesome Mikailah! I don't have a garden, but my aunt and uncle do, and I think it's really cool! :)



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