flower tales // Ohio Trip

(bits & pieces of Ohio.)

Sometimes I wonder what tales the flowers would tell if they could speak. Perhaps they would tell of lightning storms when the thunder shook the earth, and the rain fell in torrents on their delicate petals. Perhaps they would tell of lovers walking among them, and maybe one or more gave themselves up as symbols of affection. They would tell of their deep, wild roots that reach down into the moist, brown dirt, that resist all efforts to be pulled, and patiently regrew when plucked. They would tell tales of patience, perseverance, and joyful persistence as they endured drought, and rainstorms that threatened to extinguish their tender beings. They would whisper of dew, and shout of wind. Perhaps they would tell of nights when the sun seemed to sink into the hills and the moon rose like a gem in the sky, while stars peppered the inky expanse. They would tell of sights, wonders and tiny miracles that most people overlook, or pass off as too minuscule to notice. Perhaps they would open our eyes, and amaze our hearts if we would only take the time to listen. 

p.s. how was your 4th of July? i am proud to say i didn't take any pictures. (ha.) but sometimes it's good to put the camera down and see life through your own eyes. ;) also, new design: yay, or nay?


  1. Ooooh, darling. This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. love ya | grace

  2. Love the design and description of flowers. Very nice! ;)

    My 4th of July went pretty well. You can check it out here if you like:

    Have a great day Mikailah!

  3. I like your new design! And your profile picture? Girl, without the glasses, I'd say you'd look more than just a little bit like Jennifer Lawrence. Just saying.

    And this post is the sweetest thought.
    I love you.

  4. dude... your sidebar picture is totally rad. actually that goes for the new design in general. and these frames are so gorgeous too. i love the daisy shots. :)

  5. This is beautiful Mikailah. :)

  6. I love your pictures! especially the fist one

  7. "Perhaps they would tell of lightning storms when the thunder shook the earth, and the rain fell in torrents on their delicate petals."

    That was my favorite. Your words... your pictures... are perfection my dear!<3

  8. There's that quote 'Find yourself a beautiful place and get lost in it' and I think you just found it! You're photos are so lovely!


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