pieces of me (i am).

I am the words in a greeting
I am the laughter in a group
I am the wild heart beating
I am the last eyelids to droop

I am the whisper in the chaos
I am the lull in a storm
I am a smile in the doldrums
I am a hug that's strong and warm

I am the sorrow in every parting
I am the joy in every hello
I am the nostalgic heart dreaming
I am the memory that refuses to go

I am the smoke in a campfire
I am the wind in the trees
I am the ripples on the water
I am the leaf tossed on the breeze

I am the song sung in the shower
I am the shoes left on the stairs
I am the quiet of a bower
I am the tangles in wet hair

I am the will that cannot be broken
I am the hope that refuses to die
I am the words that go unspoken
I am the dreams that touch the sky

I am the snooze on the alarm clock
I am the blankets on cold nights
I am deep sleep in early mornings
I am the bit of child-hood that's held tight

I am barefeet on the wood floor
I am the coffee in the morn
I am the jeans that are holey
I am the sweater that's loved and worn

I am fields of daisies in the summer
I am the sparrow's cheery tune
I am the wing-beats of the hummer
I am the last days of June

I am the crackle of a fire
I am the knots in a tree
I am the curls in a wire
I am the buzzing of a bee

I am the strings on a fiddle
I am the notes on a page
I am the voice that's always singing
I am the scent of fresh-cut sage

I am the humming of the heater
I am the smudge on the window pane
I am the whirring of the cake beaters
I am a walk down memory lane

I am ink stained fingers
I am the pages of a book
I am stained and crumbling letters
I am dried flowers on a hook

I am the tune of a ballad
I am the hesitantly plucked guitar string
I am a dream become valid
I am a summer night on wings

I am leaves of books dog-earred
I am crinkled journal pages
I am a water-color painting
I am the song sung for ages

I am dirt under fingernails
I am the taste of summer apples
I am a bunch of home-grown veggies
I am a hymn sung in the chapel

I am the photos on a billboard
I am the tear drops on a page
I am the welcome to the wayward
I am the heart where battles wage

I am the wooden creaking rocker
I am the dry and fading paint
I am the scratched and dinged table
I am the memory that's grown faint

I am that song played over and over
I am the feet that won't be still
I am the slight scent of a clover
I am the rainbow over the hill

I am the night sky spangled with stars
I am the flag that snaps and waves
I am the wind that ruffles hair
I am the kisses of sea-salt sprays

I am the dreamer, the spirit that soars
I am a memory, a realization, 
a rhythm tapped on wood floors.
I am the rebel, the heart that is and isn't free;
I am the person who is, and isn't
yet, but that someday will be.


it isn't the best; it isn't all that special, but these are bits and pieces of me, combined in a poem. inspired by Abby's post here


  1. omigosh. a. you are gorgeous. b. this post is very genuine. i'm glad you wrote this kind of post. :) smiles are being sent your way. (also, i'll run up to the store and buy you abuncho chocolate. what's your favorite kind?) :) and you are the pages in a book! trust me! you're always making me smile, girl!

    xx. meena

  2. This post is awesome! And that picture? PERFECTION! You are so so beautiful!

    Love you dear! ❤

  3. This is so beautiful! I absolutely love your poem and thanks so much for sharing!

  4. This is really beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

  5. this is beautiful. girl, you make my heart ache.

  6. Ah, love this! I especially love the last paragraph, with the added lines I wasn't expecting, and the beautiful honesty that those words hold. Beautiful job, Mikailah! I'm so happy others have felt inspired by my little poem to write their own magnificent ones.

  7. beautiful. girl, you are gorgeous.

  8. This is amazing! Great idea to do this! :)


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