Life has been moving incredibly fast lately--in fact, I think it always does, but the older I get, the more I notice it. My mind has been swamped with so many things; so many memories, and experiences, pictures and stories written in my mind, that I haven't been able to document anything on paper (or Blogger) lately. It's almost like in this past year, I've really grown up. Which is strange to think, because I feel that the more I know, the more I have to learn.

Life continues on, even when we are paused in our life's troubles, or experiences. While in Ohio, it almost seemed like life just stopped around me; we were still sleeping, waking, living, and repeating, but it was almost like it was in a different lifetime. Coming home, it felt like I had never left, and all my experiences "on the road" seemed to be stories I had heard from someone else; but the calender read "June" instead of "May", and the year was still quickly ticking away. It still is.

As this very wise & poetic lady wrote, "Life moves fast, but only when you don't look." 


  1. Enjoyed the post, Mikailah. <3
    Know how it feels when life seems to be rushing past.
    You're keeping us wondering what and all went on in Phio though!
    Love in Christ;

  2. I know what you mean. I've noticed it this year too, but as they say "there are better things ahead than any we leave behind." ;)

  3. I can relate with you, dear girl... life brushes past us, and yet as we grow and learn, it seems that we've only scratched the surface. How can I grasp these fleeting days?!?! Don't you just simply love when time stops, and you live as if in a dream, for a little while at least! Everything just fades away, and you truly get to embrace this gift of life. Ah... sweet peacefulness. {Maybe it's that we're getting *so* old now, *giggles* that things seem to fly by? In that case, we'd better hold on tight! :) }

    Love ya!

  4. Life fly's by & then you look like me :P haha... I know what you mean though :) Keep heart :) I love the window pic btw ~ Lovely!

  5. that second still - my goodness. LOVE! and your words are just beautiful. life here has been moving incredibly, and even though it's only been three full days of either work or rehearsals, it feels like weeks in between. I agree whole-heartedly with that very wise, very sweet, very poetical lady said the other day. *wink* xx

    1. I've never thought of myself as a poet, but I thank m'lovely lady! You're a darling.

  6. These two pictures are just perfect. And, once again, you have hit the nail right on the head with your words.

  7. Aw, wow! I wasn't expecting to see my words when I finished reading your refreshingly sweet post! Thanks, duck, you're a dear. I've missed you SO much in the blogging world since you've been gone.

    The second picture is so good... the perfect amount of blur to convey those feelings you shared.
    I love you!


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