lingering / a short film

lingering from Mikailah Autumn on Vimeo.

It's lingering, like the last words
of a refrain in a song sung half
under my breath, my voice shy in
the company of others.
You look at me, wondering why
I don't sing louder, but my vocal chords
are stuck in the remembering tone,
and I can't seem to bring it up to
the chords of here, and now.

It's lingering, like the last tentative
touch of fingers pulling apart, as
miles and differences come in between
those who hold on, and the soft touch
of fingertips on fingertips is replaced with
the thoughts of the one who is gone.
You can't seem to remember the face,
only the feelings it gave you; they
never disappear, but you still feel them.

It's lingering, like the leaves of spring
clinging to the roots of their birth;
still gripping the now dead branches with
all their weak strength, and we think they
just might stay there forever.
You look at me through the bower of
veined fragments of two season ago,
and wonder why I hold on with a grip
as tight as the leaves that flutter.

It's lingering, like the smile forever
imprinted in your memory; a face of someone
who is no longer in font of your searching eyes,
but who's heart is still connected with strings of
time and love to the heart that beats in your chest.
You see a happy face, but what you don't see
sometimes says more than what is before your eyes;
no matter how many times I smile,
the image of sadness still lingers in your mind.

It's lingering, 
like someone hesitant to let go.
It's lingering,
like a song that won't die out.
It's lingering, 
like the love that burns forever.
It's lingering,
like the last days of summer.
Sometimes it passes from your mind,
but you never truly forget
what once was.

Maybe summer isn't quite gone yet; or maybe it's just wishful thinking that keeps it alive after the flame burns out.


  1. so pretty, mikailah! love it. xx

  2. girl, this is lovely. and your poetry skills are pretty incredible. love you lots and yes, let's chat real soon, 'kay? xx

  3. 1) you are gorgeous
    2) sunlight, wind, and greenery = magic
    3) I have a bunny that looks just like yours
    4) your mountains are purty
    5) those jumping + laughing shots are my favorite
    6) you're a great writer
    7) I've run out of things to say this is great k thx bye

  4. So nice girl!
    Your words are beautiful and I'm with you summer can't be over its just begun!

  5. WOW! I am so proud of how far you've come and where you are going with this blog! <3

  6. beautiful.. inspiring...thought-provoking... totally you~

  7. Wow, Mikailah, this is incredible. Your writing just keeps getting better and better, and your video skills are amazing! Is there anything you can't do? =) I can't believe summer is over, either. It's unreal.


  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing! That was so beautiful!( I love your blog!)

  9. oh, lady! this is beyond beautiful.
    that short film is so real. and your words.... just woah.

  10. Oh my goodness. GURL! I've been wanting to watch this video for the past two days- ever since I saw it posted- but have I ever mentioned our internet is hateful? *smacks head* So I finally got to see it!!!!!!!!! And I am just so thrilled because this video is perfection and I hope, hope, hope there are more to come.

    You are just, yup.
    Have I ever told you that you look like Jennifer Lawrence? I don't know why, but you just really really look like her. Especially in the eyes and above.

    Love ya!


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