maybe we all dream of flying.

Untitled Untitled Untitled perhaps your heart
doesn't dream of
and long for the open
skies as mine does.
perhaps you are content
to stay all your days
with your heart (and feet)
rooted as deeply as
the tree roots in a
little town, where everyone
knows everyone
and no one does anything
maybe it just appears that way
though. because i think
underneath all the fear,
the hesitancy, the
comfort of common
life, hidden
away in the recess of our
(adventerous) souls,
maybe, just
maybe, we all dream
of flying.


  1. holy. cow. um, yes and yes. this so resonates with my heart. especially if you lived in this town, darling. and especially because after living here for a full sixteen years, i'm going to be uprooted and fly to a college in FL this time next year which is basically the other side of the world to Cali. basically, i'm saying this is beautiful and you are beautiful and you're the best. ;) xx

  2. Yes. Definitely.

    As much as I do like being a tree (one of my favorite metaphors btw!)it's as if there's a bird in my tree that just wants to fly.

    xx ~Jenny

  3. oh, goodness. love this so, so much. ahh.
    this is the description of my heart.
    and i love these photographs so much.


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