a letter to fall.

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you are many things;
smells, sights, emotions,
colors, feelings.
a myriad of colors;
a rainbow of deep reds,
dusky browns and bright yellows.
you are dotted, layered,
crinkled, dried, patterned.
dusky, at twilight;
soft, scattering shadows in
the misty morning haze.
the color of your leaves when the
weather turns and the sky turns dusky
with clouds of ashy grey.
you never seem to notice
the changing weather;
you only accept it for what it is,
like the sand welcomes the
rolling tide that comes and goes.
predictable, free.
every hour at the appointed time,
washing up reeds and shells,
indenting the shore with
the quiet ripple of the last rolling
wave that kisses the shore before
pulling away, leaving only
residue behind.
you don't notice change,
you are change.
the very essence of it,
reminding us that nothing
lasts forever.
nothing is predictable, or
untouched by the fingers of
alteration that the whole
earth is swept with.
clinging with rigid fingers,
turning white at the knuckles
as we hold on tightly to what
is inevitably leaving.
you sweep in, and fade away,
never resisting what is to come,
but refusing to be forgotten as soon as
winter's snow covers the traces of
your crumbling leaves and dried
grasses, raising the sweet
aroma of memories forgotten since
last year.
like a lost friend, you remember
your place among us,
nudging summer away when
the air begins to cool, and
enveloping the earth in your
embrace that shifts and
changes all that we grow
accustom to in the short months
between the fluctuating patterns
of life that are, although familiar,
never the same.

fall has always seemed like an old friend to me, so the resolve to write fall a letter was no surprise. xx 


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is a simply stunning post.
    My favorite? The one of you. Wow.
    So lovely.

  2. Your photos are so beautiful, and so is your writing. You are very blessed.


  3. What's up! My name's Skyler, and I'm a little new to the blogging world! Check me out? It would mean allot! :)

  4. i'm just in love with these pictures. i love fall. such beauty to see the changing colors and to feel the crisp of cool weather

  5. LOVE! <3 I love the harmony of your photos and words. They're like twins. ;)

    I'm thinkin' I might write a letter to fall...

    xx ~Jenny


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