Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled UntitledUntitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Once again, it seems like the month just blew in, and now it's gone, swifter than grains of sand running through an hourglass. Ohio is beautiful in September; I'm so glad our little cabin is available for us to stay when the leaves are changing. It's funny; whenever I come back, it feels like I never left. It's definitely something new to see dew on the grass in the early mornings, and orbs of glass on the leaves after a gentle rainstorm. Arizonians don't know what they're missing. Fall always makes me rather nostalgic; the green leaves turning crimson, orange and yellow, like the sun, and brown; as brown as the earth. All life seems to hold still; holding it's breath, almost, and summer is swept out with chilling winds, while frost on the ground, harvest, falling leaves and pumpkin everything is swept in, gently; more gently than winter will come crashing in, I know.

No words can really describe the beauty held in the towering maple trees, and the strong oaks; the gentle creeks winding their way through their beds chiseled deep in the earth, while leaves float gently down to the surface, only to be carried away in the flow of the current. Hay bales dot the fields, like freckles on the earth, and windows are opened again and again to smell the scent rising from the sun-warmed earth. Freshly mowed hay really should be a perfume. Time really does stand still; or maybe it's only me; still, in the middle of fall.


p.s. I celebrated my 17th birthday on Sunday. Eeeek. Growing up is definitely a reason to stand still once in a while.


  1. These pictures are beautiful and tell a story all their own; I hope your birthday was wonderful! xx.

  2. eeek. seriously, these are so so GOOD. saying that feel totally lame because good just seems inadequate. but THESE ARE SO SO GOOD. I can't even begin to choose a favorite, but the shot of the foggy road and the wood pile are so gorgeous. these are so perfect and I just want to go on an adventure in the woods. like now.
    and happy birthday, darling. xx. -marcia

  3. I just want you to know that I love your photography style. You capture the beauty in small things so beautifully. And your photos are amazing.

    also. Happy seventeenth birthday. ;) I am almost seventeen too and it shocks me occasionally when I actually stop to think about it. Seventeen just seems old for some reason. :) I hope this new is amazing for you.

  4. oh, mikailah. these take my breath away. i'm speechless. :)
    love you lots, deary.xx

  5. Ah, your photos are beautiful. I almost can feel like I've stepped into your world when I look at them. And can feel the cool air around me and smell the fresh air. You are so talented, friend. Hope your birthday was wonderful. ((Hugs!))


    This post is superb and these pictures are genuine and sweet and so down homey. You are doing so good.
    And happy seventeenth. I hope the year is ever in your favor ;)

  7. first off, Happy belated birthday! birthdays are awesome.

    speaking of awesome, uhm your photos? Your pictures are so wonderful. Your photography is really blossoming and SO gorgeous. love it.

  8. Okay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Many Happy Returns.
    And really, your photography is just getting better and better every time you post.
    Just stunning.
    And I have been the worst commenter ever.
    Forgive me?
    Thanks. =D

  9. Love these pictures and happy (late) birthday!


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