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one: we had our first snow the other day. i mean, c'mon. November 5th? sheesh. i'm hoping their predictions for a cold, wet winter are correct. it is so far; we've had 2 night since then below 20*. i'm such a snow lover. ;)

two: i got contacts last week! whee, hello, sunglasses. it's taking a little getting used to (i keep going to push up my glasses, and there's nothing there.) but i'm already loving the uninhibited view. ;)

three: last Friday, i shot my first wedding! an acquaintance of the family was getting married, and she didn't have a photographer. so, naturally, i volunteered. it was a great experience; i learned some things, and fell in love with photography all over again. pictures comin' soon. ;) so, if you need a photographer in Arizona, let me know.

four: life is weird, huh? it seems to be flying by so fast, but at the same time, it seems like nothing happens. Nano is going on, and i'm on day seven, 13,000 words and many 4 hour nights of sleep. i'd never thought 50,000 words in a month was possible, but it's slowly getting closer, and i'm having a blast writing everyday. (plus, i'm in the greatest nano group evah. wwyl (write with you later) is our affectionate farewell for the month of November.) and i had an unexpected coffee date with one of my best friends last night; besides COFFEE, it was a great time of heart-to-heart talk, and much laughter. life is simple, busy, crazy, hectic, unexpected, but oh-so good.

five: new blog design/name. what do ya think?

what's been going on with you, lately? 


  1. I love your design, especially the artwork in the sidebar.

  2. These pictures are SO GOOD! It makes me excited for some snow...although once we get snow, it stays FOREVER. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures you took! Also, I'm loving the new design. So cute!

  3. when i look at your pictures, i think of wonder. while here i'm fried over constant 38 celcius degree heat, you have snow. haha. i think i've said it, but i'll say it again, I LOVE your new design.

  4. that first still should be on a Christmas card...and a calendar and everything else that can be printed and pasted on the wall for everyone to see. i mean, seriously girl. it's pretty amazing. and everything else that you post. ;)

    love your new look {obviously} and love you like mad. let's skype soon over a cuppa, m'kay. OH! and send me some snow for Christmas. I've been dying to have a white Christmas for quite a long time. ;) xx

  5. The pictures are just stunning, and your design is great and you're great and woo hoo. You're cool.

  6. First off;
    A WEDDING??!?!?! AHHHH!! I want to see pictures okay?
    Contacts are amazing. I was so excited when I got mine.
    Blog design? I love it. So pretty.
    And you got snow....snow? We were dashed with a few little flakes yesterday....but I am not quite ready for it.

  7. I love those photos! It's so exciting to think that winter is coming and Christmas isn't that far away. :)

  8. yay, snow! It's the best! (so are contacts :) congrats on shooting a wedding! thats exciting! I can't wait to see the pictures. Your pictures are AMAZING, your blog design is adorable, and I always get excited when I see you've posted!
    xxx madison

  9. Love the new look! And I know how you feel when you pus your glasses but it's not there - I do that all the time when I'm about to take a shower or just whenever I;m not wearing my pair.


  10. Theses pictures are gorgeous! We had a few flurries yesterday, but nothing stayed because it was above freezing... Crazy to think that this year is almost over and snow will be coming soon!

    Love the new design and name :)
    Glad to hear Nano is going well!

  11. Stunning pictures. : )


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