when you have nothing to say.

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And sometimes, when you have nothing to say, say nothing. Let the wind blow your hair, let your memories wash through your mind, let a smile lift your lips, let love warm your heart. Read good books and watch movies that make you think; cry over fictional characters, and write stories of people you love. Laugh at things that strike you as funny, remember the times you never want to forget; forget the times that encourage you to remember the pain. Give hugs, let a smile brighten someone's day. Take pictures, capture memories, remember those who are no longer with you, treasure the ones still in your life, and write a poem for someone you've been thinking of. Listen to music, sit and do nothing. Let someone tell you about their life, and really listen. Do something crazy, and take a chance you normally wouldn't take. Life isn't always about spoken words; sometimes, it's just about the actions behind them. 

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  1. Yes.
    Yes, and yes.
    Also, the red stem and yellow leaves- now there's a striking combination!
    And the rainbow...love it. =)

  2. I love the stunning colors in the second to last photo, Mikailah. the blue is so beautiful. In fact, all of these are beautiful.

    And your words are thought-provoking and true. Basically, I love this. :)

  3. these photos are really beautiful, mik.

  4. YES!
    beautiful photos, motivating words

  5. Oh, girl. Your words touched my heart! Lately, I've been so frustrated with myself because I've been in such a rut and I can't seem to get out. I feel like I lost my words and my brain is constantly swirling, but nothing is coming out. This was a much needed reminder to just live, laugh and love and the rest will come.
    Also your photographs are so full of life and beauty. You have such a way of capturing moments just through nature.
    xx. -marcia

  6. Thanks for the encouragement! So true words!
    xxx madison

  7. I love the depth and moody tones of your pictures! This is perfect fall photography.


    Such an inspiration.

  9. Ahhhh you know my friend Kaeli! I cannot get over how weird an cool this is!


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