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everyone is posting new years resolutions, and all the fabulous things that happened during 2013, and i've been sitting here thinking. and thinking. going back and forth, revisiting memories of the past year, trying to remember something interesting that happened. little things; mostly inconsequential to most people; just little things that stand out in my mind. like getting my 35mm 1.8 lens in March. going to Ohio twice, photographing my first wedding, getting my driver's licence, getting contacts. nothing fantastic; nothing mind blowing, nothing life changing. but looking back, i realize that slowly, my life has changed. it's changed slowly; like the soft breath of wind that tickles my heated face; unnoticed at first, but once it's gone, we miss it. it's changed in little ways. the way i look at the world, or the tone of voice i use when speaking of that particular person. 

some people have amazing things that happen to them every year; things they document. photographs, words, memories that take up pages of journals, and create mile long blog posts at the end of the year. maybe i'm not there yet, or maybe my life just isn't as interesting, but 2013 was pretty ordinary. people changed, i changed, things happened that i didn't expect, but there was nothing that came in like a tidal wave to wash the old away, and bring the new in. 2013 is going out quietly, and January 1st, 2014 will just be another day. but it will be beautiful, like everyday is, in it's own way.

happy 2014, friends. i hope this next year is full of grace, joy, fruitfulness and peace.

also, eat some good food for me, eh? i'm spending New Years all by myself. not that i'm complaining. i like silence. 


  1. i'll keep my notes on 2013 for myself. but here's to another adventurous year. i'm not complaining about silence and peace too :)

  2. Even though I also feel like my year was fairly drab and ordinary, I can definitely relate to the part about changing slowly. If I look back, my life is SO different from what it was a year ago. On New Years 2013, I began a mason jar project where every time something good happened this year, I wrote what it was on a ripped piece of paper and dropped it in the mason jar. Tomorrow, or midnight tonight, I'll be reminiscing and I'm hoping the passing year hasn't been as drab and ordinary as I feel like it was.
    (One more thing: I'm also spending New Years alone. (sort of) looking forward to a me-party/movie night ;) )

  3. Mhm. Yes. I know what you mean. There were little things that happened this year that were different and exciting in their own way but nothing big like a tidal wave. My 2013 will end quietly as well. But I love the prospect of a whole new year open before me like a blank book. I wish I could see each new day as exciting as I view the new year.
    I'm excited to see what God has planned for both of us in 2014.

    Many blessings to you!

  4. The one of you in the snow- the third picture oh my gosh-so pretty. The last one is too cute also! Happy New Year

  5. Happy New Year Mikailah! Aww, I'm sorry you're all by yourself tonight :( I loved the pictures!
    Brooke Jordan


  6. happy new year, dear heart!!! i hope you have a brilliant upcoming year. ;)
    your stills as always just take my breath away. i love you sweet girl, and i look forward to many Skype dates in the future + {Lord willing} meeting you in person this year. *wink, wink* xx

  7. happy new year!! beautiful photography!!

  8. I love how you expressed these thoughts. You have a way with words that can make simple everyday things sound extraordinary.


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