we're all scarred, darling.

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you're scarred, you say. i know this. i can see it in every look you give to the tops of your leather tipped shoes, and the way your smile fades when you think no one is watching. you say you hope it won't change the way i think about you. but i say it will, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. scars change us. people change us. when people see our scars; when we finally let down the wall that's been hiding so much hurt, and fear, it changes people's view of us as well. but just listen to me. just because you're scarred, doesn't mean you are not worthy of love. scars make us who we are today; we are never quite the same, but we don't give up. we don't quit, and we don't stop loving those who are just as scarred as we are. you shake your head, but believe me, it's true. we all have things we wish we could change; the past, we wish we could go back. we want to do something differently that didn't turn out according to our plans.

they say time heals all wounds. it doesn't. time wipes skin clean; erasing the marks, the blemishes, the dirt that clings to us. but it can never erase the scars; it never displaces the memories that have grafted themselves into our souls, like a hand print burned up our hearts. time doesn't lessen the pain; it only makes us numb. we learn to ignore it, to move on, to continue as if nothing ever happened. but old wounds still ache, when under the cloudy skies of tears, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

time smooths over the rough edges, but it never makes them disappear. the scars, the roughness, the heartache, the tears; it is all what has made us who we are today; good, or bad. we can always have a change of heart, but we should never wish to change the past. we can't change what has broken our hearts, or created scars on our souls; the thing about pain is, after a while, it becomes a part of you. but just because it is always present doesn't mean it is all bad - life is about taking what we have, the good and bad, and learning from it.

we're all scarred, darling. if we hide behind them, ashamed of what they stand for, we will stay that way. but if we learn to embrace them; flaunt them, love them, understanding what they stand for, only then, can we truly heal. tell this to yourself; over and over: i am a survivor. i am an over-comer. i am loved. the trick is believing it yourself. perhaps you can't yet.

but you have to believe me: at least, believe this...

i love you. in spite of the scars. always will.


  1. Well, love the pictures. But your words are so true and lovely. everything you are saying is just what i've been recently been trying to tell myself and actually write a blog post about, Scars make us who we are.
    But what you've written has put my thoughts down much better then i think i could!

    ~Hannah <3

  2. i can relate and understand about it. scars change us, but they also make us stronger - and learn about ourselves and people too. beautifully written, Mikailah. i really love it.

  3. gee whiz mikailah this was just beautiful and poignant and wow. yes. very wow. keep writing, girl.

  4. You have a way with words, Mikailah. That was really beautiful. So are your pictures, too. I am in love with the first one.

  5. so lovely, dear heart. your photos always make me swoon, and your words stir my soul. oh, dear, i'm afraid i cannot tell you how much i love you and everything you do. <3 <3 - your MH

  6. thanks Mikailah! You don't know how encouraging that was! You're much loved, too!
    xxx madison

  7. Your words make me keep on reading 'till the end.


  8. oh gosh. i can't effectively respond right now. just... ditto. to everyone i love (and that is [mostly] everyone), ditto.

  9. I love this... and I had tears in my eyes while reading it. You have such a way with words, dear girl! xx.

  10. wonderful, both the pictures and the words.

  11. Mikailah,
    I feel like it has been forever since I got to sit down and enjoy your blog.
    I adore your simple, honest blog posts.
    You are a dear heart.
    This post's pictures especially blew me away. They are utter perfection in every way. Wow.
    Keep up the loveliness!


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