snow people

snowflakes snow dance untitled we are the snow people, tossed and blown by furious winds, that threatens to sand away
our rough edges, and dispel the sharp cracks of our frozen souls.
we are blown far away from where we started, ripping our delicate roots up before they
have time to cement themselves into pillars of ice, planted firmly where the snow never melts,
and the wind scours away all the softness and gentleness that wraps itself around us
no matter how hard we try to appear invincible.

we are lost, like a piece of drift-wood floating among an endless ocean,
searching for something tangible to hold onto, to set our roots down; a place to
call our own. you whisper through the howling wind that reminds of what we've
forgotten, that, maybe, somewhere along the way, we wanted to forget what
if felt like to feel; wishing to lose ourselves in the flurry of snowflakes and whine of
the relentless wind that sweeps the bottom lands like a frozen hand, hiding warmth
that shines weakly through the cracks of our very souls.

we are blown, somewhere, through the wind, through the night,
until at last, we land, in a place that cracks our ice, and washes
misty warmth over our hearts, that been frozen so long, in an effort to protect
what we thought needed to be hidden; the parts of use we were afraid or ashamed of,
when in fact, that was who we were all along.
falling apart, the chill in our voices, and ice in our hearts trickling away through the cracks
of memories, creating droplets that fall softly, instead of ice that stings the tenderest parts
of those we speak to.

the ice disappears, the cold dissipates, as the memories we'd wanted to forget
came rushing back, proving, that maybe the past isn't something to be feared, or
something we should hide from. perhaps it is a blast of warmth; the pain,
the heartache, the memories we freeze in the depths of our raw hearts finally
reappearing with a soft breeze. and instead of scaring those away we love, by the ice
in our voices, and the mask before our frozen eyes, we fall, softly, raindrops, upon the ground,
creating beauty, where before, all that existed was snow.

(m.a. lefevre)


  1. this is so pretty. :)
    I've been wondering for awhile how you got a sticky sidebar? It looks so good with your design. ;)

  2. too lovely. i'm so in love with everything you do, and i love you dearly my darling pond. xx

  3. You have such a way with words! And I love these pics... Beautiful :)
    We are supposed to get close to a foot of snow here tomorrow... :P as long as it's pretty when it's snowing, it's okay... But I don't like the thought of more snow. I'm ready for spring/summer!

  4. Mmmm, this is yummy. Also, those are some monster sized snow flakes! Woo wee!

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  6. seriously, your words. your photos. SO GOOD. and your hair is the prettiest.
    (also: i really love that one clump of snowflakes that are in focus in the first frame. :) )

  7. (man, i can't remember if i commented before, so if i comment twice, i'm sorry. :P)
    that second stanza, WORD. you has such a beautiful way with words, it astounds me every time.
    and i really really love the focus on the first clump of snowflakes in the top frame.

  8. Yup. These pictures are perfect.
    So are your words.
    Yup. =D

  9. beautiful words, beautiful pictures, beautiful blog dear.

  10. incredibly rich, evocative words. stunning photographs. perfect post.

  11. You're such an INFJ ;) How'd you get the close of photo of your eyes/face? Tripod? Other person? It's gorgeous.


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