to be home.

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i don't know how many times i've written and deleted this post. no worries, it's nothing dramatic. i just can't seem to write lately. the marks on the page, or the keys clacking on the keyboard never amount to the fury of my thoughts. and that's probably a good thing.

i think one of the problems is, i try to be poetic, instead of just letting myself be me, and letting the words flow without thinking them to death. it's almost like i have two personalities that couldn't be more different. one, is poetic and romantic. it expresses itself in dramatic words and moody pictures. the other is sarcastic, and funny, bubbly and just plain goofy. and ya know, it's hard to find a balance between them sometimes. especially on a blog. (is blogging supposed to be this hard?) 

i've spent the past 2 1/2 weeks with my oldest sisters; Hannah brought her girlies up a while, then i rode down to Phoenix and spent 8 days with her, and my other sister Angie and (between them) their 7 kids. it was a crazy, exhausting, hilarious time, as it usually is. it's funny how much you can learn from children, and how much of myself i recognize in them. adults are supposed to set the example for children, but i think we can learn the most from watching them. and if we understand them at all, it is because, once, we were them. you learn to smile and say 'it's okay' even when it's really not. you learn to laugh instead of express frustration. you learn lock bathroom doors behind you. you get used to having your hair pulled, and perpetual headaches (from screaming) becomes a part of everyday. i miss them bunches, and the house is very quiet without them. it's good to be back to the daily routine, however, even if it does mean school is once again included in that mix. as much as i love to travel, and dream of traveling, it's just nice to be home. (and i wrote that in 10 minutes. what do ya know. ;)) 



  1. pft. you don't even have to TRY to be darling||romantic||poetic||artistic. it just comes naturally to you, and we can see that in your writings and stills, dear heart. you have such a heart for people and for this big adventure called life and i really can't see the blogging world how it is without you. love you, m'dear pond, to gallifrey and back. xx
    postscript // thank you SO SO SO much for the shout out. you are a dear.

  2. Oh, I love this so much. especially the third frame, so presh.
    And I see gorgeousness runs in the family! You and your sister are gorgeous.
    (and holy cow. that cover of Let It Go... I'M SO DONE.)

  3. okay, i don't think my first comment went through. :P
    ditto Grace, you are naturally poetic, okay? and I love these shots, especially the third one. Your nieces and nephews are just presh. and I see gorgeousness runs in the family (seriously, you + your sister are stunning).
    (also: that cover of Let It Go.... I AM SO DONE.)

  4. I understand what you mean about writing, dear. I'm not nearly as good as you are with words, but sometimes my attempts to wax poetic sound forced.
    I know it sounds strange, but I love the eyes in these photos. I don't know what it is, but the way you took the pictures just emphasizes the sparkles in everyone's eyes.


  5. mikailah,
    thanks for the comment on my blog! and these photos are stunning, i'm definitely a new follower :)


  6. These are awesome pictures, Mikailah!

  7. Your eyes. Her eyes. And the little one's eyes. <3

    Okay, I'm done. + For the record: you inspire me to no end, love. x

  8. I thought I already commented on this (maybe I'm going crazy) but I don't see it. Anyway, I like this. As a fellow writer I can totally relate to just not being able to write some days, but you did alright here. :) And I love that second to last photo.

  9. friend, this is so beautiful! Your pictures are masterpieces and you are simply stunning. Thank you for being such a wonderful/honest blogger and sharing your passion with the rest of us || xx.


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