caught between winter and spring

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B E T W E E N   W I N T E R   A N D   S P R I N G

untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled There are moments, ridden with frost,
 there are fingers, warmed by the sun
and rough with dirt, caked under fingernails.
The sky fluctuates between brazen blue and
grey, the color of storm churned waves.
There is a time of stillness between the
transition - days where you can't feel
the air on your skin; times when the air
seems to take on the likeness of a cloud;
silent, weightless, intangible. 
Our lungs release warmth into the air
that shimmers between ice and sun,
the wind fans our cheeks rosy after
a winter of sunless skies and hollow sounds.
We're caught between winter and spring,
waiting for one to leave, so the other can
rush in the door. 



  1. the fourth shot. gahh, I love spring blossoms.
    this is so lovely!

  2. oh. my. gosh. this is stunning.
    YOU'VE GOT TO COME HERE TO CA IN THE SUMMER, KAY?!!! YOU JUST HAVE TO!!! *panting* YOU JUST GOTTA, OKAY?!!!! because you're amazing and I love you. so much. xx || MH

  3. These. Are. Gorgeous. Ohmygoodness. If this is what the season between winter and spring looks like, I want to come.

  4. these are beautiful... and those words <3

  5. Beautiful photos! Here its really spring and I am glad with it.

  6. How do you take such breathtaking photos?! You are seriously so talented and this blog can cure anyone out there with their eyes sore. Whenever I visit your blog, I just want to save all your pictures, have them printed, and hand them proudly on every room of my house. Ah, so beautiful! Your words are equally beautiful too - this virtual journal of yours is a realm of pure astonishing things xx


  7. I love the light in that fifth shot!

  8. Such a poet! (and photographer!) Beautiful!

  9. I know exactly what you mean! I love your photos and your poem. They are just marvelous. I am following this blog on bloglovin' now!


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