moments in march

untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled // Leaves are bursting through the brown ends of bushes, and trees are stretching their cold arms towards the sun, like someone embracing the sun rays after the darkest night of their life; we've all been inhaling the scent of flowers, and the earthy smell of mud. It's amazing how many memories those simple scents bring back.

// My computer died (again), but I find I actually have had more time to read since it died - and I've made up for lost time by reading 5 books in a week, including Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Of Mice and Men. I'd forgotten how much I love reading.

// School is... school. Brutus decided he was going to help me with my school. By laying in the middle of it. I am forever indebted to him for his brilliant support and advice.

// Bees are such happy creatures - I remember when I used to be terrified of them, but now I like standing underneath the tree with my head among the blossoms of the lower branches and hearing the bees zooming around like miniature fighter planes, and feeling the brush of their tiny wings against my skin when they fly by.

// Trying new things: I tried free-lensing the other day. Apparently it doesn't work so well with Nikon models, but I managed to capture a few shots that I liked. Also, double exposure. So. much. fun. 

// There are toys scattered all across the house - I think I stepped on two legos yesterday, but it's just another (happy) way of remembering that the kiddos are here for a visit. Clutter used to bother me, but now it's just a slight annoyance that reminds me of happy little faces. About those legos, though...

And lastly, dang, 2014, slow down already. 


  1. Whoahhey! That last photo- that is a lovely combination; it really is.
    Nailed it! ;)
    Oh yes, my dog was a great help with my school too! ^-^ The goofy four-footed creatures!
    Indeed, I used to think bees were out to get me, but then I realized one day that the average bee probably only meets one human in it's lifetime and for all *they* know, we might be a warm tree branch! I like your likening them to "miniature fighter planes". ;D


  2. dang girl. firstly YOUR BANGS. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE IT ISN'T FAIR.
    and your double exposure. holy cow. this makes me really want spring.
    <3 xx.

  3. You capture the joyful tidings of spring so splendidly... I can almost smell the fresh aroma of budding flowers and hear the buzzing of bees. We're catching glimpses of spring down here, though in the smallest of ways. ;)

  4. i love how you capture these moments :)

  5. These are all stunning! Ahh! I love Divergent sooooo much! I read the whole series in five days it was just so good.

  6. Wow .
    I would like to say a couple of things.
    1. Your bangs are prefect.
    2. I want the Spring you have. Hey, I will trade you some of our snow for some of your spring...okay?
    I will send it in the mail tomorrow.
    3. Your photography just keeps getting better and better.
    And better.
    4. That last shot.
    I love double exposure.
    Did you do that on your camera or not he computer?

    And that is all I have to say.
    You are a gem.

  7. Oh, gee. That's it, I'm quitting blogging. Going far far away. Never to return. You've got it covered, I'll just go...do something. :D But seriously, though, this. is. a-maaaaa-zing. Quite. Hopelessly, stunningly, jaw-dropping amazing.
    I won't even go into your photographs because you and I both know that they're flawless.
    And now with you perfecting free-lensing....pft. I am so done.

    That's it. Hasta la vista {or have you perfected a Spanish accent too?! Girl of many flawless talents?!} :D xx || MH

  8. Your photos are so good. Every time I see them, I cry a bit on the inside because of how gorgeous they are. Seriously.

  9. Oh those little green buds! So spring-y. 2014 does need to slow it down for real. Brutus deserves an award.

  10. Gosh, you're amazing! Your photography is just....wow


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