we're never the same

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we're torn by storms, we're pulled by winds,
like something that won't be left behind,
the memories bump against our shins
tagging along waiting for a light to shine

we're twisted up in our sheets at 2 am
waiting for the call that never comes
looking with empty eyes through the panes
our hearts thumping with the beat of drums

eyes hidden behind lashes, waiting for the storm that passes
our hearts are held in pale fingers, contained in cloudy glasses
memories like shattered glass, break their way through the dark
glistening like a silver moon, they finally make reach their mark

we tell ourselves stories, to keep ourselves sane
holding them between our teeth like our names
only speaking them out when we think of the past
the words splitting the silence in sharp contrast
but once we let them go, we're never the same,
once we let them go, we're never the same.


  1. ohhhhhh. well, congratulations, miss mikailah. because between the two of us we're both going to have broken computers/cameras - not to mention a split blogosphere. as my raggedy doctor says: YOWZAH! this is stunning - not only your stills as usual, but your words breath so much truth and loss and beauty and oi. just describing how much it resonates with my heart would make a poem. you are an inspiration, m'dear to so many. i love you, dearly, and am inexpressibly grateful to have you as a friend and sis and fellow Pond. ;) xx || MH

  2. wow, that is so absolutely beautiful.

  3. "we tell ourselves stories, to keep ourselves sane"

    Love this line.

  4. Oh my goodness. This is incredible. You are so gifted with words! I don't know how you do it. =)


  5. okay.... woah. seriously though, gosh! This is so good and heartfelt. xx.

  6. wow. somehow your posts mostly leave me breathless, Mikailah. so glad there is such a thing as a blogger/writer like you. gorgeous poetry. gorgeous photos. so true. so beautiful.
    Tane &hearts


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