i thought of you

untitled untitled untitled untitled untitled every night i see the sun set,
every morning it rises warm
sometimes i think i see you
walking with your back to the storm

the wind blows memories away
the sun bakes the ground dry
i've given up on wanting you back
my eyes are empty of tears to cry

your ghost lives in the corners of the city
cracked and crumbling beneath my feet
i thought you were stronger than you were
because you melted when exposed to heat

i still remember your face,
i wonder if you've forgotten mine
you left everything behind so quickly,
cutting out fragmented pieces of time

i've blocked your memory from my mind,
i've erased your love from my heart
i wish i didn't remember you,
when all you've done is forgotten from the start

i wonder why i think of you
when the wind begins to blow,
when the grass begins to wither,
when the skies begin to snow

the past doesn't matter,
what matters is what we see
we all hide behind masks of desire
there's someone else we want to be

i see your face in my reflection,
like a shadow of the past
i wish i could forget your presence
love, unlike your memory, didn't last

your memory lives in the corners of the city,
in your words that still ring true
it doesn't really matter why, what matters is
i thought of you.


  1. this touched something deep in my heart. <3 oh my goodness, this.

  2. Mikailah,

    Your photos and words are beautiful. I only have one suggestion. You seem to copy the style of Hannah Nicole a lot in your photos (in both WHAT you're taking photos of and HOW you're editing/taking photos). I don't really see a personal style that much. (Take also, for instance, your blog name - wasn't that originally inspired by Hannah/Carlotta's tumblr?)

    In other words, please don't be afraid to follow your own heart and photograph what you believe is good and beautiful and don't simply follow what others do.

    I say this with all the love I can because I do not and I am not trying to be offensive. I love the wonderful person you are, so I make this suggestion to help you grow and learn.

    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" -Dr Seuss


    1. Maisy,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment; I always welcome structured criticism and advice. I confess, I used to try to copy Hannah Nicole, mainly because she was admired, but that has not been my goal for a long time - I found that the more I tried to copy her talented, the more I suppressed my own. That said, I am not trying to copy her - I try to capture what I see, and sometimes, it may look like Hannah's style. I am also at the point of trying to find my own style - playing around with different editing techniques, etc. (And I don't know what you're referring too, about Hannah and Carlotta's tumblrs? This is actually what my tumblr name was for a long time, until I decided I like it for this blog's name. :))

      But thank you again for your words - they truly made me think. I am not trying to emulate anyone else, and am very comfortable in my own skin, and being who I am, even though I am still trying to figure out who that is. :)

  3. alright that's it. I'm quitting blogging. here -
    *hands you a piece of paper*
    this is my resignation. I'm kissing the blogging world goodbye, for you obviously can handle the whole lot of it by yourself.
    goodness, darling, I don't know what to say...maybe because this really struck a chord right now.
    love you, darling, more than words can say. <3 <3 || MH

  4. "your ghost lives in the corners of the city". such a good line!! This poem really touched me, Mikailah. You got a way with words, girl. and can I just say you look positively gorgeous? That last frame...wow :)

  5. I love this poem? How did you come up with it or what was your inspiration?

  6. Wow. So soulful. Really. That's all I've got.

  7. Oh my gosh. Girl, this is so beautiful and raw, and it resonates deep within my soul. I love that whenever you write, another piece of your personality and heart shines through. Thanks for sharing that with us. :) xx.


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