today was a good day.

today was a good day - the wind wasn't blowing and i went outside and took some pictures with my 35mm 1.8 for the last time, because i ordered the 50mm 1.8 lens and i'm super excited but kind of nostalgic. i saw myself improve so much with the 35mm lens, and i took so many pictures with it. thousands. had my first paid photo-shoot with it, shot my first wedding. 

and today was quiet - i got to stay home alone for a while, and silence is something i always treasure. when my family is home, even when people are being quiet, there is just always a feeling of noise - almost as if i can hear their thoughts, and sense their emotions. i love sitting down to write when there is no one around, when the light is being filtered through the curtains at 3:00 in the afternoon, and falling across my fingers like ribbons of memory. when the dog walks up to me, and lays her head in my lap, and just looks at me - knowing that everyone else is gone. she doesn't ever like being alone. it's just the little things, funnily enough, that add up to something that i want to mark down - something i want to remember. 

the older i get (older i get. *coughs*) the more i realize that the things we remember aren't going to be the big planned trips, the magnificent outings, the bright lights of six million people in a city. it's going to be the whisper of wind in the trees, the spontaneous adventures, that time we went out and climbed a mountain, even though the wind was blowing 65 MPH, and i couldn't see because my hair was wrapped around my head. the moments of silence, the looks exchanged, the feelings that won't release your thoughts. 

little things. sometimes we think they're hardly worth mentioning. but sometimes, they are the things most worth remembering.


  1. Love this Mikailah! You are such a beautiful writer! <3 you tons!

  2. sigh. so, so lovely. xx

  3. This is so true, Miss.. Small... Simple.. You're so wise and you take beautiful pictures! It's amazing to see your talents budding. Love you..

  4. "little things. sometimes we think they're hardly worth mentioning. but sometimes, they are the things most worth remembering." Love that! So good to remember. =)

  5. I love your photos. Really. Every one of them has a stark beauty that is so "you".
    Yes ma'am. You are inspiring.

  6. dude. your cat is so photogenic. ;) no, but seriously. it has perfect cat posture. bahaha.
    and i love what you said about being alone sometimes, so so true.

  7. This is so beautifully written, I absolutely adore your blog

    x leah symonne x


  8. That's so true, though - I remember writing about that at the beginning of the year. That despite the big events we look forward to in a year, like starting your senior year or moving away, it's the little things that truly decide the course of a day or a week or a month. It's those things that matter most.
    And what you wrote about being alone - I so relate to that. I'm barely ever completely alone in my house anymore, and while it used to bother me, I'm more used to it now... but still, I can always feel their presence, hear them shuffle or move in the next room - little signs that they're there. It's so nice to be in an entirely still house, know I could do something ridiculous like talk to myself or dance down the hall and no one will see; it'll be my little secret. Anyways. This comment is getting long.
    Also, you're going to love the 50mm. Such a great lens.

  9. Yesss. I like this post a lot.


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