untitled "Things aren't always as they appear to be," he whispers, staring into my eyes. Blue. That is the color of yours. Mine are brown. Rimmed with gold, flecked with green. Uninteresting, ordinary. Or so I've always told myself. 
"We see what we want to see." The words spill through my lips unheeded, falling broken onto the ground. 
"What do we want to see?" 
"Beauty," I say. "We all want to see beauty." My throat is thick. How can someone with eyes open that wide be so blind? 
"How to we recognize beauty when we see it?"
"I just told you. We see what we want to see. But sometimes we have to train ourselves to see past what we can see - to see, or at least realize, and understand the things that aren't visible to the eye." 
Silence. He stares at me; eyes wide, searching. Searching, but never finding. Looking, but never seeing. 
At least, until now.
"I see you," he says finally. His voice is soft, like fingers hesitating over flower petals, like the wind caressing leafy branches.
"Do you? And what do you see?" 
He smiles.

returning to fictional writing, appreciating spontaneity, enjoying simplicity, diving deeper, seeking meaning. || xx


  1. pretty pretty pretty. first, that picture series is WONDERFUL!! eyes are one of my favorite things; they're so expressive, and lovely.
    second: those words are amazing. they express something deep, and i don't know how to describe it exactly but they leave me extremely happy!!! :)

    lovely post Mikailah.

  2. The words are so simple, but full of meaning. Loved it.

  3. This gorgeous. Simply captivating and charming... God has given you such a gift. ♥ Keep on being so beautiful...
    {ps. annnnd I still have your last letter, which I've been quite terrible in responding promptly to, I'm so sorry! It SHALL be in the mail this week though. :) }

  4. I love this soooo much!! You are so talented at both writing and taking gorgeous pictures <3

  5. This is perfection. the pics are great and the writing is so simple, yet somehow so intriguing.

  6. This was amazing, and thought provoking...loved it as I do all your posts, Mikailah, and your photography is so wonderful.
    Tane ♥

  7. stunning, both you and your words. (like usual) :) xx.

  8. Oh, don't mind me, I'm just squealing over here...

  9. oh. my. word. i LOVE this!


  10. GAHHH THE FEELSSSS!!!! Cute! Lurve it :D


  11. goodness gracious. you have a way with words. I love this.

    xx, Bailey


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