forgotten / autumn

a conglomeration of forgotten snapshots and moments of autumn in Ohio


  1. yup, i'm pretty sure those houses are what my dreams are made of.
    these are astoundingly gorgeous, girl! i've missed your posts.

  2. these are fabulous and I'm glad you didn't really forget about them, because every one is beautiful.

  3. "Piiiiiiin pin pin pin pin pin pin pinnnnnn, pinpinpinpinpiiiiiiiiin, just pin them all" ;) (sing to the tune "Deck the halls")

    Which is another way of saying "Fantastic; splendid; they-stir-up-warm-and-fuzzy-feelings and also-slightly-melancholy-feelings and I absolutely love the 15th one because of the contrast of those three brightly colored leaves against the grayer leaves around them. <3 #beauty


  4. your photos are amazing!!!

  5. These pictures are beautiful!!! :)

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