february :: {forgotten photos}

"i miss blogging."
"then why don't you blog more?"
"seriously. life is crazy."
"i know it is. but if you love it so much, why aren't you making time to do what you love, instead of wasting time doing something that requires nothing of you?" <--- a conversation i had (with myself) that really hit me hard.

okay, let's face it. life really is honest-to-goodness crazy (yes, at times, i do talk to myself), and sometimes there is absolutely no time in between to do things we love. such as... say, blogging. (ahem.) pretty much all the photos i've been taken lately have been "forgotten", because, well, i haven't posted in almost 2 months. (whaaa?) honestly, life seems to come in waves, alternating between the crashing, billowing swells that suck us under, and steal the breath of our lungs and the gentle, persistent tide that laps against our feet just often enough to keep us unbalanced. 

life is an ocean of so many different colors, and sensations and experiences. full of memories and distractions that fill our time, and pull our attention away from things that matter. and the truth is, life stops for no man (or woman). even the happiest moments hold bittersweet memories, and sometimes we don't have time to do the things we love most. but i am determined to make time - at least, make more time - and spend less time doing senseless things that have no positive or useful effect on my life, and spend more time doing things i love. 

which means, hopefully i'll be blogging a bit more regularly in the future. because, truthfully, i really do miss it. and sometimes you have to sit down and just do it. ignore the boundaries and boxes we build for ourselves, the guidelines we create that stay within the appropriate range of 'blogger expectations' and simply write when we have something to say. i used to do it so much more, and i want to get back to it.

because, hey, it isn't just writing i miss. i miss YOU guys too! so, what's new with you friends? how is your 2015 going? i'd honestly love to hear. xo

p.s. as the title says, here are some random snapshots from the month of February that never saw the light of day. ;)


  1. Life is absolutely crazy! I had a conversation with myself just like yours....

    I have missed your posts, I'll be keepin an eye out for them!

    Oh and can I just say these photos are soooooo pretty. I especially love the rose on the piano.

  2. Yes, please blog more. Your posts make me happy =)

  3. I miss your posts, but I also have been guilty of not posting for two months and I know how crazy life can get. :)

  4. oh, i feel you on the blogging thing. i've been awful with keeping up with my blog lately.
    but these photos are just lovely, as always! i especially love the b&w shot of your niece and mom, so so so sweet. and absolutely priceless.

  5. i find that as i get older, the conversations with myself sound much like yours. there have been a lot of forgotten photos in my life lately, sometimes i just can't keep up. but i think some of the beauty of it is when we DO get the chance to slow down and thumb though the little memories and photographs that mean so much.

  6. your writing is so... real. you weave words together so effortlessly. words that are REAL and true as well as artfully poetic. i enjoy your blog so much. you have a gift! never stop using it. =)

  7. these photos are wonderful! and I like that you're back to blogging . . . I need to post more, too. life is crazy but it's no excuse.


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