apologies & glue // poetry

they say her heart was broken once,
by a man with a mouth full of knives, 
a ghost who consumed all that she gave him, 
and then left her behind to chase the skies. 

there are fragmented pieces of her,
scattered across the wet ground,
the crumbling ruins of a lonely spirit, 
proof of a heart once too tightly bound. 

her chest has become a graveyard of shrapnel, 
her hands are lined with invisible wounds,
every beat of her heart is an aching shudder,
echoing with once familiar voices, gone too soon. 

many strangers tried to heal the scars,
but they left hollow footprints in their wake,
because not even they could mend her heart,
all they could do was patch the break. 

she still wears her heart on her sleeve,
and the morning sky is always blue,
but some things broken can never be fixed
with hasty apologies and a little glue.

(apologies and glue, mikailah autumn)

(a bit of poetry, a fog kissed mountain, and memories of shattered words sharper than glass fragments. words possess the power to create or destroy, to repair or break, and a heart is a fragile being; easily broken, inadvertently destroyed. nothing we say can take back the words once spoken, or erase the spiderweb cracks of a broken heart. may we never forget it.)


  1. This is achingly real and beautiful.

  2. Whoa. Your poetry is amazing! This is so beautiful and raw. The last part gave me chills. <3

  3. your poetry is always so poignant and sharp and vivid. it takes my breath away!

  4. wow. this is so beautiful, Mikailah! absolutely hauntingly beautiful.

  5. oh, oh. i can't. this is stunning. your words are beyond beautiful, darling. and so is your soul. xx

  6. Mmmmh... Your poetry. I know how hard it can be to dig down deep and find the words that express what we feel, and I admire you immensely for being able to do it. Put it in a book with your photos and I'll buy it. For reals. <3



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