i remember // poetry

[forgotten frames of 2015]

i remember yesterdays like 
they are words written in stone,
marked into concrete with fragile fingers 
and stamped onto crumbling bones. 

i remember your face like 

it was in the soft morning light,
lips as gentle as wildflowers in summer,
eyes burning like stars in the night. 

i remember what you once laughed at,

and what it took to make you cry, 
how you promised to never leave me,
and when those words became a lie. 

i remember the things you'd whisper

when you thought no one was near,
words i used to hold and cherish
and now cannot cease to hear. 

i remember the distance between us,
and the pain you tried to hide,
you always wished to drown your sorrow,
but it was always you that died. 

i remember the day emptiness 
finally found a home in your eyes,
when your dreams became memories,
and all your hopes took to the skies. 

i remember the smell of you,
for your ghost clings to my skin,
fragmented pieces of what we are,
and what we could have been. 

i remember what we used to be
like the winter remembers the spring,
before the shadows crossed your memory
and your heart cut all its strings. 

i remember when i lost you

under the trees that autumn day,
the leaves fell to mourn your absence
as if they, too, wanted you to stay.

i remember the warmth in your eyes
before you learned how to run,
and i still see you everyday 
in the light of the rising sun. 

i remember the night we met,
the tangled fingers and amber skies,
but sometimes the hellos we say
are the beginnings of goodbye. 

[ i remember, march 6th, 2016 ] 


  1. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful.
    Your talent is out of this world. <3

  2. i have wept over these words in the middle of the night. <3
    this is good. so good.

  3. so beautiful, such imagery.
    ♥, Han
    i'm back to writing in this place ^

  4. Beautiful and haunting. Thank you for sharing

  5. Dang, makes 0ne reflect, love you Mikailah.

  6. This gave me the feels. It rooted in my heart and grew into a beautiful, lonely flower. It watered the seed of "what ifs" and "should have beens" already on my mind today. You have a gift with words, Mikailah, and I'm glad to discover your blog!

  7. i have missed your writing SO much, and you have once again rendered me speechless. i hope to see you around here more often now! =)


  8. This is beautiful, as always.

  9. So wonderful to read this post...full of intense feelings and poignant meanings. Thank you so very much for blessing us with these words.

  10. I stumbled upon your writing. And I love it. =) Your words are heartbreakingly beautiful.



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