what we remember //

do you remember 
the days when our words
would flow like wine from
our lips, 
gentle and
past and
lost in the hours between
sunset and sunrise
when all i knew 
was the warmth of
your arms around me
and the cold beauty 
of the spring stars;

when i would watch the 
shape your face took
when you laughed, 
or the way your eyes smiled
when they settled on me,
mesmerized by a face
that you knew as you knew
your own?

there is distance between 
us now -
distance that no memory
or apology can erase, because
time itself pulled us apart,
and i am no longer the one
you once loved. 

i don't remember the curl of
your lip when you would speak,
or the warmth in your
voice anymore - 
i don't remember the
highlights in your eyes,
fire and ice intertwined
in their depths, 
ribbons of color 
and shadows.

what i do remember are
the little things, like
the way you made me feel;
the warmth of your breath
on my cheek, your lips
brushing my ear,
the safety of your arms.

what i remember is, perhaps,
as small and 
as i proved to be -

but people forget many things -

dates and places and names
and even faces of the
ones they love(d); 

but they never forget
the one who showed them
how to love the space 
they fill;
they never forget
the one who 
first made them
feel like they

//   //   // 

a spontaneous explosion of words - unedited, posted "as is". i'm not entirely happy with this, but this is what my heart said, so i told my brain to shut up and go with it. ;) it feels good to be blogging (semi)regularly again. i've missed this. 



  1. i've missed this too. and those words. as is. that is why they hurt so much. xx

  2. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL THAT I WANTED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH IT!!! You string words together with such grace and raw-ness that it touches my heart! Keep going, and great job blogging!

  3. Beautiful poetry, Mikailah! Definitely one my favorites. :)

  4. owwww this hits deep. that was so beautifully said, mikailah <3 it's so sad, yet truthfully sad. love this so much, girl.

    - autumn

  5. gah. your writing always hits me. this is fantastic... so beautiful and raw and just... PERFECT. love it. =)


  6. your writing is all so so beautiful, thank you so much.


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