lost // poetry

you say that you are lost
as if that is a bad thing,
but darling, don't you know?
you are simply traveling --

the world is big and scary,
or so they've always said
but these demons that you're fighting
are all inside your head. 

fear is a part of the wonder
that we feel when we let go,
and the answers to those questions
are all things you'll someday know. 

do not fear the open road
or the first glimpse of an ending -
for the outcome of any journey
is written at the beginning. 

m.a.l. //

(just a few lines of poetry scribbled down last night; i miss this. always. these past few weeks have been exhausting - new job (!!!), new faces, new experiences, planning for (yet another) Ohio trip, more than a little bit of stress, etc - and writing was pushed aside for a time. but i always come back to it. i have to. as always, i hope to be around here more, but we'll see. life usually has other plans. here's to grace and growth and room to breathe. it is coming. 🌻✨ how is September treating you, friends? xx)


  1. this is poignant and beautiful and i love the rhythm of it! September is treating me well, better than any month this year yet, i think.


  2. beautiful and definitely spoke to my heart. I love the line, "fear is part of the wonder that we feel when we let go..."

    You are such a good writer, girl. Congrats on your new job!


  3. oh boy. your september sounds wild and new, new. praying that everything goes well and that you also enjoy Ohio when you go!! september here is painful and slightly chilly and she tells me about the past and everything that has changed. i am no longer the blonde girl who fought monsters outside in her yard with a mighty sword. things change. xx learning not to hold on to fear.


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