coming home //

"you know, it's true. i think we all like to believe that, someday, we'll simply stumble onto the place we can attach the word "home" to... that we'll find a place to belong; to stay. but maybe "home" isn't always discovered; perhaps it isn't the end of a journey - a destination, a building, a point on a map. maybe it cannot be found, no matter how much we search. to some, perhaps, it is - and has always been - within us, rooted in our memories, wrapped around the ones we know, remembered in the ones we've lost. maybe home isn't a place at all, but rather, is found in the life -- and the people -- we (have) love(d)."

(speaking of home... i've been back in Ohio for the past week and a half, and everytime i come back, it is harder and harder to say goodbye. leaving this place has torn my heart in two too many times to count; maybe home cannot always be found on a map, but sometimes, i think, it claims your heart without asking for permission. xx)


  1. permission to sob my heart out?
    because this is exactly what i needed and i understand perfectly.

  2. The pictures are wonderful! I really like them! :)

  3. Profound thoughts. For me home is not just one place. I believe it's just as you wrote. Wrapped up in people.... memories and also, when you have a real love affair with life, there's a small piece of your heart that trades places with wherever you visit... you leave a small piece of your heart there and and take a part of that place with you. ❣️


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