summer girl // poetry

the sky was gray the day i met you,
the world, cold and bleak;
your eyes asked a thousand questions
that you never managed to speak.

the leaves fell golden on our shoulders
as we spun round and round,
your face was full of laughter,
but you never made a sound.

the days stretched into months
and still, you never really said -
if this was what you truly wanted - 
or simply a dream inside your head. 

you saw the world through colors,
a thousand shades of red and blue;
i saw the world through moments -
ones of them, and us, and you.

i felt your restless spirit wander
every time the sky turned gray,
but my heart held onto summer -
and you swore you wanted to stay. 

i saw the shade of the grass below,
and the leaves upon the trees;
you saw the space between the branches,
and tasted autumn on the breeze.

you felt the winter in the wind,
i saw the eternal blue sky,
and still you never said a word,
despite the time that passed us by.

you didn't say goodbye, you know,
that day you walked away -
but i could see, that in your eyes,
summer had turned your world gray.

they say you became a painter;
that your colors hang on the wall,
but i am still your summer girl --
and you are still lost in fall.

m.a.l. // 11:04 p.m. // November 14th, 2016

(just a few snapshots taken in October and November (from Arizona and Ohio and in between), along with some hastily written words that jumped out at me. xo)


  1. okay is my hastily written words sounded like this i'd be ecstatic. this is absolutely stunning
    also, i love thees pictures! they make me feel all warm and cozy and like exploring and taking pictures to my heart's content.

  2. this is so perfect. WOW. those pictures are gorgeous.
    also, I noticed on your description that your personality type is INFJ. SO. IS. MINE. ;)

  3. WOW.
    The pictures, the words, everything is so beautiful <3

  4. yikes. and somehow this clicks right into place. it's woven into the lines of my palms and i taste it around midnight when i'm thinking of the people i miss. oh man. x

  5. wow. dude. those last few lines gave me chills.

    but i am still your summer girl -
    and you are still lost in fall.

    the imagery here is unfathomable. i love your writing a lot. don't ever stop.

  6. Holy wow you just gave me so many feels

  7. Great images!!! I LOVE your style!

  8. Ahh. I'm....wow. This is really superb. By far one of the best rhyming poems I've read it a while. Amazing amazing work. I'm so happy I found this <3


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