+What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D3100 with the 35mm 1.8 lens most of the time, although I do own the 50mm and 55-200mm lenses as well. Up until July 31st 2012, I used a Canon SD 940 IS.

+What inspired you to start blogging? 
I originally started a blog because it looked like fun, and I wanted to try my hand at it - but I fell in love with the writing it encouraged, the photography I discovered, and the friends I made, so it has turned into a documentation of my life, tidbits of my writing, a few snapshots I capture over the months, and a way to connect with readers, and friends. :)

+How old are you and when is your birthday?
I am 21 years old; my birthday is September 29th.

+Will you visit/follow my blog?
As much as I love reading other's blogs, and following, I have limited time on the computer, so I can't make any promises. But leave me a link, and I may make an appearance someday! ;)

+Can I email you? 
Absolutely! I love hearing from anyone who stumbles across my page. My email address is maidjust4him[at]gmail[dot]com-- it may take me a while to get back to you, but I will, eventually. :)

+Is this the blog that used to be Maid For Him, and Finding Beauty?
Yes! To learn more about the first name-change, click here

+Did you design your own blog and what program(s) / websites do you use?
I did! I use Gimp for 99% of all my design work.

+How do you edit your photos?
As of August 2013, I use LightRoom 4 to edit my photos with VSCO presets; previously, I used ipiccy, or pixlr.

More questions? Email me {see above} or ask me a question here


  1. Your birthday is 5 months after mine, exactly... :) I follow you on Formspring...


  2. Hello, my name is Brooklyn! Ever since I started my blog a couple months back I have been thinking about getting a camera. I have an iPod touch but I want clear pictures. I don't plan to be a photographer or anything when I grow up, but I would like a nice suitable camera. Do you have any adivce on what to look for? What brand?


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